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Work Culture and Expenses - 11000 PLN gross in Poznan

itsandy 1 | 1    
17 May 2017  #1


I am new to this forum and Poland. I have been offered 11000 PLN gross per month in Poznan. Is this good for 3 members family with kid going to primary school? Does Poznan offers bi-lingual schools like Polish/English? What is the cost of primary schooling in Poznan. Also how about racism in Poland? Is it safe for Indian Family? I am an Indian and planning to move to Poznan in next couple of months.


DominicB - | 1,822    
17 May 2017  #2


Your net salary will be about 7800 PLN month.

First of all, off the top, you have to deduct the cost of relocation for you and your family from that amount, meaning all travel expenses, shipping belongings, visas and residency permits.

Housing will cost you anywhere from 2000 to 2500 PLN all inclusive: rent, administration fees and all utilities except internet/phone/TV.

Basic living expenses will come to about 3000 PLN for a family of three: food, household supplies, clothing, sundry household expenses, and rather modest recreation. And your internet/phone/TV and public transportation passes as well.

Good schools in other cities cost several thousand PLN a month. I don't know about Poznań, but it can be up to 4000 PLN in Warsaw or Kraków, There are cheaper schools, but they tend not to be very good. Even so, bank on about 2000 PLN a month. Other posters can fill you in on schools in Poznań.

Adding all that up, you will have nothing left over for savings. And more expensive entertainment or travel will be out of the question. Forget about trips back to India or sending money back home. And forget about a car.

If you were single, the money wouldn't be half bad. It would be tolerable for a couple. But it's not very
tempting for a foreign couple with a child that has to be put in a private school. In fact, depending on the cost of schooling, you may end up losing money on the deal. In any case, you are going to have to be very, very careful with every penny. Even if things go perfect, you are not going to have much in the way of a rainy-day fund.

There is racism in Poland, but it is rarely overt racism. The kind of racism that you are most likely to experience is "benign neglect". No one will bother you. Rather, you will be ignored. You won't exactly be excluded, but you won't be included, either. If you, your wife or your child are shy and reserved, it can be a very lonely life. There is essentially no Indian community in Poland. Most Indians in Poland are young single male IT professionals who come for a year or two, and have little time for or interest in building a sustainable community. Few come with wives and children or stay for longer than a few years.
DominicB - | 1,822    
17 May 2017  #3

It may be a good wage for a average Polish person in Poland, but it's not attractive to a foreigner engineer or professional who has to pay a lot of money to get to Poland, and cannot live as cheaply as a native Pole can, not having a support system of family and friends. And who has to pay a substantial amount for a child's education, which Poles get for free.

The OP may well end up losing money on the deal.

It practically never makes sense for a foreigner to come to Poland to work when much better paying jobs are available in richer countries.
jon357 57 | 11,336    
17 May 2017  #4

These links should be useful to the OP regarding standard of living and resources for people from India who have settled in Poland

Good luck.
OP itsandy 1 | 1    
3 hours ago  #5

Thanks Dominic and Joe. All my relocation expenses would be paid by the employer. But as you said I should consider on Apartment rentals, living expenses and others.

Dirk diggler - | 113    
2 hours ago  #6

Not bad salary for poznan. Its a bit cheaper than some of the larger cities. However for a family as large as yours I don't think you will be able to save much money. If you and your wife say grossed 20k you'd be comfortable but still with several kids you'd still have to be smart with your money and not over spend.

Personally, if I were in your shoes I wouldn't take the whole family with. Id work for a few years to climb the ladder while sending money back home to india. If you go by yourself to poland and live in a small studio you'll have a good sum to send back to india which has a lower cost of living. However you can also bring this up to your employer and perhaps they can include something in your salary/relocation package like a job for the wife, schooling for children, etc. Otherwise i don't think 11k zl single earner with 5 mouths to feed in poland will have it very easy.

Also no matter what you do never give up your passport or any sum of money to any employer, agent, etc for the promise of a job. You don't want to become like the Indian guys building dubais skyline. Many people from India and Bangladesh have been screwed over like this. Although in poland its more common for young women to be sold into prostitution or a very low paying crappy job in western Europe rsther than migrants being brought in. Then again though there are people in poland working in what many would consider slave conditions.

Ill also add that my grandma from moms side briefly lived in poznan and there really wasn't a whole lot to do in terms of museums, nightlife, restaurants. Its larger and more to do than say like konin or walbrzych but not like Gdansk Krakow wroclaw or warsaw for example.

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