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Cafes suitable for internet based working in Krakow?

Lermontov 1 | 2
26 Jan 2015 #1

I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any cafes in Krakow that are suitable for working in with a laptop all day. I am a freelancer and have been looking for a place that's suitable for internet-based work for some time in the city, but can't. The basic elements that are required are a good internet connection, plenty of plugs, a light and airy environment preferably with window views, comfortable seating, no loud music and preferably good coffee/tea too.

Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.
f stop 24 | 2,496
26 Jan 2015 #3
I can see sitting in a place all day if it is relatively empty. I hope once the place gets crowded, the freelancers on free wi-fi do realize that table turnover with paying customers is essential to business survival. ;)
pigsy 7 | 304
26 Jan 2015 #4
Hard Rock cafe in old town,the high speed internet is free and so are soda refills,I always loved the free soda refills all day long:)

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