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Bar staff - Hourly rate Wroclaw

Crafty beer 1 | -
27 Sep 2018 #1
I've looked at various sites attempting to find out wage costs of bar staff and a bar manager in Wroclaw. But I haven't found specific info which is what I need for my business plan.

For instance, I've only found averages, which isn't ideal.
Hospitality sector average in Poland is 3414 PLN per month.

Average wage in Dolnyslask is 4228 PLN per month.
If anyone has more specific info, sources, or links to explore please let me know.

Crafty beer
10 Oct 2018 #2
Aren't waitresses/bar workers in general (not only in Poland) paid on some time of commission based on revenue / tips from customers?
MoOli 9 | 483
12 Oct 2018 #3
Not in Poland and usually in Poland people don't tip the bartender.In US when I ran a bar the bartenders would die to work on thurs,fri & sat and no one would like to work on mon,tues,wed.Also legally you could pay them $1,50 an hr and they made 3 to 500$ a night on tips(they also get tips from waiteresses who also tip the cooks)
delphiandomine 88 | 18,489
13 Oct 2018 #4
But I haven't found specific info which is what I need for my business plan.

In general, in Poland:

If you're running a good bar, count on a minimum of 12-15zł an hour in hand (add another 30% for gross labour costs) for an experienced person who knows the topic (in your case, craft beer). The manager should be salaried, and you'll need to pay them at least 3000zł in hand, but look at 4000zł to get the right person.

But the market is saturated in Poland already.

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