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Need Advice on visa interview at Polish embassy

khan001 3 | 5
10 Aug 2017 #1
Hi all,

i have appointment in embassy to apply for national visa D type as i have accepted job offer from a polish company. I have all the required documents.

I was wondering, what can be the questions that the visa officer will ask me in this regard ???

DominicB - | 2,707
10 Aug 2017 #2

Any question they want to determine that your stated reason for requesting a visa is genuine and that you intend to leave the country when your visa is up, as well as questions about your plans in general.

If there are discrepancies in your documents and application, they will ask questions about that, as well as questions about your qualifications.

Every interview is different. Just like every interviewee is different.

Really, they can ask anything. So it's not something you can prepare for, or should. Just be honest and answer the questions in full. If they think you are being evasive or are hiding something, they can deny your application.
OP khan001 3 | 5
10 Aug 2017 #3
Since i have 4 years bachelor in computer science but 2 years of professional experience. Do you think they can reject my application saying that 2 years of professional experience is not very much compelling??
OP khan001 3 | 5
10 Aug 2017 #4

Since embassy rejects applicants by stating the reasons like they haven't mentioned about their intention to leave Poland once their visa is up, could you please guide me a bit in this regard?? What can I tell them to convince that i have genuine intention of leaving Poland once my visa is up or I could present them some documents stating that i will come back to my home county after my visa is up.
DominicB - | 2,707
10 Aug 2017 #5

Yes, indeed, if that is inconsistent with the job you have applied for. For example, it is going to raise eyebrows if you have been hired for a senior supervisory or managerial position but have only two years of work experience. They will want a good explanation for that.
OP khan001 3 | 5
10 Aug 2017 #6

No ! I've not been hired for some managerial or supervisory position. I've been hired for engineer position.
I hope it should not raise any concerns as the company that has hired me, they evaluated my skills set beyond than that of my number of years of work experience. But i was lucky enough to secure my position and was offered this job :)
OP khan001 3 | 5
10 Aug 2017 #7

Please also advise me on my above question relating to intention of leaving Poland which i do have as I need to come back to my home country to get married.
DominicB - | 2,707
10 Aug 2017 #8

I don't know what kind of advice you want, beyond being honest and open and answering all of the questions they ask truthfully and fully. They can ask all sorts of questions to determine your intention to leave. It's impossible to predict what questions they will ask. If they are satisfied with your answers, fine. If not, or they get the impression that you are being less than completely honest and forthright, then yes, they can deny your request for a visa.

If you have something to hide, then perhaps it would be best not to waste your money on a visa application. They are very good at their job, and will know that you are not being forthright.
Saaf123456 - | 1
21 Oct 2018 #9

How to be convincing to visa officers that I'm leaving on due date

I'm saaf. Applying from Dubai d work visa national. How can I convince visa officers that I'm willing to leave Poland after on due date.

Is it ok if I show money in my Dubai bank account since its mentioned in checklist to have 3 months bank statements
Swati - | 6
8 Jul 2019 #10

Work experience

I am applying for national work visa and my resignation is in process with my current employer. Can someone inform what document need to be provided during the visa interview for work experience since aquiring the experince certificate from my current employer will take time
Hossain Mohammed - | 2
11 Jul 2019 #11

For Mumbai and New Delhi - Poland visa appointment

Can anyone share me the complete documentation required for Poland Embassy interview?

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