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Advertising for Hotel manager in Krakow

gazehunter 2 | 2
11 Jan 2016 #1
I've recently taken over the management of a family apart-hotel in Krakow, very close to the train station. The first thing I have to do (and get right) is find a manager. I'm based in the UK and do not speak Polish so it's not easy.

I've been in touch with an employment agency and have had an offer for them to find a manager for me but I've also seen that there are several websites where I might advertise (such as

What I think would be helpful is if I can post an advert on a few relevant forums.

Are there any useful FB forums where the hospitality Industry in Poland (Krakow) communicates?

I'd really appreciate some links to relevant FB forums.

As I don't speak Polish, I will need a manager whose English is good to very good. Would it be a good idea if I post the ad in English or should I have it translated?

I think the reason I prefer not to go through an agency is to be able to communicate with lots of candidates. I am not necessarily looking for a traditionally trained and educated candidate and feel I will get better results if I'm more closely involved.

Any ideas, links etc would be greatly appreciated.
delphiandomine 87 | 18,070
11 Jan 2016 #2
Post it in English, there's absolutely no reason to post it in Polish if speaking fluent English is a requirement of the job. It's quite normal to see job advertisements in English here these days.

You're definitely wise not to go through an agency - most of them will simply post the same advert on Facebook/etc and do nothing for the money.

I've got some experience with establishing a roughly 100 bed hotel/hostel here, so please feel free to PM me if you want some detailed advice. There's quite a lot to take into account, and I'd be happy to share my experiences with you.

I'd start by posting here - - the Krakow Expats group. You can also try
OP gazehunter 2 | 2
11 Jan 2016 #3
Thanks for the quick reply and the advice. I've asked to join first group so will soon post there and see what comes my way.
mysz51 - | 5
25 Sep 2016 #4
Hello :)
I am Polish, male, 29 years old and I live in Greece.
I speak fluent Polish and Greek also I speak English very well, I am working in the hotel sector for few years now in famous Greek hotels and I possess a Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality management.

I am trying to find any interesting vacancies in Poland in the hotel sector but I am not sure where it is better for me to look.

Also does anyone know what are the salaries approx for a receptionist, front desk supervisor/manager and general manager?
Any advice or information would be much appreciated.
Thank you.
terri 1 | 1,663
25 Sep 2016 #5
What does Uncle Google say?
You will be lucky to pull in 10 pln per hour gross.
cms 9 | 1,254
25 Sep 2016 #6
I recently lost an employee who went to work on reception at a hotel and I was paying her 3000 zloty so probably you could get something like 3500 in Krakow if you speak English.

Certainly more than 10 zloty an hour - nobody works for that in big cities any more, and in fact the minimum wage is going up to 12 in January.
terri 1 | 1,663
26 Sep 2016 #7
Yes, I agree, but there are 'good' employees and 'not so good' employees.
You have to be really good to pull that kind of money for a hotel receptionist.
mysz51 - | 5
27 Sep 2016 #8
Thanks for the quick response :)
I am mostly looking for a senior role, like reception manager or supervisor (ideally) but I can start over again as a receptionist, if the salary will be interesting and around 3500zł net for such a role.

I have worked in famous hotels in Greece with great references and a strong background, also I have experience in big International IT company abroad, as an English Speaker.

I am trilingual Greek-Polish-English and soon I will start lessons for a 4th language (hopefully).

About Google, it is not that informative as you can't find exact salaries... so if anyone is working in such a role or knows someone who does, it will be nice to give me a hint ;)

And I am speaking about cities such as Gdansk-Gdynia, Krakow etc.


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