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Got admission in Kozminski university . What about job opportunities after graduation?

Thanu 2 | 2
24 Apr 2019 #1
I got admission in Kozminski university on Masters in Finance and Accounting.
I am from India commerce graduate , had a 4 years of experience in auditing field.
I am completely into studies, I dont want part time jobs. Any one please help me if i complete masters in finance and accounting from Kozminski university, will I end up in getting jobs in poland. I am ready to learn polish
cms neuf - | 1,606
24 Apr 2019 #2
Yes - there is plenty of accounting work in Warsaw and most other big Polish towns at the moment, even if you don't know Polish. If you do know Polish there is a wider choice.
OP Thanu 2 | 2
24 Apr 2019 #3
First of all thanks for your quick reply. Your reply really given tons of energy to me.
I heard that with English language , there is not much opportunity or else no opportunity at all. If I know English will I able to end up in accounting jobs.

It's just a question. I am always ready and open upto Polish to learn. Just want to know the job market in Poland for English graduates. Please give some suggestion about Kozminski university if you know. Again thanks a million for your reply.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,846
24 Apr 2019 #4
tbh I think u should really start learning Polish now!! good luck, it's a nightmare language!
24 Apr 2019 #5
In Poland it's not quite the same like in the US or highly advanced countries. You won't get much more salary just because you graduated from a renowned university, even Harvard. Practical knowledge and work experience is usually more valuable to most employers (but not all - for some of them social connections are more important, but then you'd have to become their friends while you were their student, now it may be sort of late ;)
cms neuf - | 1,606
24 Apr 2019 #6
If you do not speak Polish then most of the available work would be in data entry, simple bookkeeping, reconciliations, basic auditing et cetera. Salaries in the range for 3000 to 5000 zloty. Potential employers would be outsourcers, western and Polish corporations, and banks.

You could do that sort of thing while you learn Polish. More senior accounting jobd need Polish - at least an understanding

There are other threads here about Kozminski University - its ok for finance and business and has quite good reputation in Poland

Home / Work / Got admission in Kozminski university . What about job opportunities after graduation?
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