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Vancouver Polish People

Lukasz604 1 | 4
13 Feb 2008 #1
Vancouver Polish People

Show yourselves..............

Where are you all.............

Here I am..........................
ron - | 1
14 Feb 2008 #2
Here in London
OP Lukasz604 1 | 4
14 Feb 2008 #3
Hello ron hows London?
So your from Vancouer?
1 Mar 2008 #4
i'm in and out of YVR. Born and raised here
Moonika01 - | 9
19 Mar 2008 #5
heereee, catch us if you can!!
15 Jul 2008 #6
is there any like celebrations or get-togethers of polaks in Vancouver?

what I meant was, well, do you know how in Chicago on like May 4th there is like a Polish day and polaks all over city go nuts for the day, is there anything like that in Vancouver.
cjj - | 281
16 Jul 2008 #7
There used to be a Polish 'directory' - phone numbers, small ads, helpful tips about life in Canada - that sort of thing.
We still have our copy from the year we left.

12 Aug 2008 #8
Miss Polonia Vancouver 08 takes place on september 27 in White Rock, Surrey, the winner goes to Poland to compete for Miss Poland. Don't Worry, all contenders must be fully Polish to some degree, so no mud bloods will compete
Belletrist - | 1
22 Aug 2008 #9
Do you know where in White Rock this will take place? I wouldn't mind checking it out with some family.
23 Aug 2008 #10
Don't Worry, all contenders must be fully Polish to some degree

That in itself is contradictory. How can you be "fully Polish to some degree"??????

I doubt the validity of the Miss Polonia Vancouver. Nothing on Google about it.

More gaps-
there is no way the 08 competition would be in September. And why would it be in White Rock (SURREY) nowhere near Vancouver.

Miss Polonia Canada 2008 Finals took place on April 6th, 2008, 5pm at The Polish Cultural Centre in Mississauga.

I think the "guest" poster was just trying out their comedic skills by saying "mud bloods"
pstrzolka - | 1
10 Sep 2008 #11

Guest was right, there will be a Miss Polonia competition happening in September, and the event is now advertised in polish weeklies.

BTW is anyone on
Naneczka - | 16
28 Oct 2008 #12
There's Zgoda's disco Saturdays, but I went last Saturday and it was closed without notice, so a bunch of us had a private party.

As for the Miss Polonia contest..I saw pictures of the contestants in the Polish paper and only one looked fresh faced. I believe there are more pretty Polish girls out there. They just didn't try enough to find them.

I my self attend Russian events. The Polaks are there too, and the events are not lame. :-)
dat 2 | 62
28 Oct 2008 #13
Miss Polonia contest..I saw pictures

Would you like to share with us? ;)
Naneczka - | 16
29 Oct 2008 #14
I threw that paper out. You didn't miss anything..Trust :-)
19 Jan 2009 #15
Zgoda, aka Polish Community Centre in Vancouver mabye will have something.
olalala - | 1
28 Aug 2009 #16
Aug 29, 09, 04:32 - Thread attached on merging:

Hi Polish People in Vancouver!

Are you hip and cool like me?!!?!

I want to know what Polish events/festivals are going on in the next month. Let me know!


NPosuniak 8 | 91
28 Aug 2009 #17
Are you hip and cool like me?!!?!

how hip and cool are you?
McCoy 27 | 1,268
28 Aug 2009 #18
Are you hip and cool like me?!!?!

im only cool

I want to know what Polish events/festivals are going on in the next month.

70 anniversary of german attack on Poland
NPosuniak 8 | 91
29 Aug 2009 #19
70 anniversary of german attack on Poland

be there or be un-hip and un-cool.
Marcus Cygy 1 | 4
7 Sep 2009 #20
I'm from Vancouver!... or more specifically Port Coquitlam!
29 Jun 2010 #21
We are a Polish painting company in Kamloops looking to hire Polish painters. Must be willing to work weekends and offering full time hours. Great pay for good performance. English is not necessary. Accommodation not included. email:
28 Aug 2012 #22
Hi, I'm Iza.. Would love meet some Polish people in van. I've been here for 12 years and don!t know many Polish folks. Are there get toghethers where we could hang out?
pip 10 | 1,658
28 Aug 2012 #23
why don't you go to the Polish church and see if you can find any there.

there are a good number in North Van- but they also seem to be well spread out in Vancouver.
boletus 30 | 1,361
28 Aug 2012 #24
Ask Google => first few from the top of the list:

Polish Canadian Sport & Recreation Club POLONIA
The purpose of POLONIA is to develop and promote sport and family recreation programs ...

Blog including many links to various organizations, events and ads
Polish Community Centre. Polish Friendship Society/ Polskie Towarzystwo "ZGODA".

Sailors in Vancouver - Żeglarze w Vancouver.
Zulu - | 1
17 Nov 2012 #25
A few years late, but I’m here now if you’re still around!

Hey! I just moved here recently and have been doing a bit of research. Turns out there is a small community here that’s somewhat active. They’re organizing a talk on Polish post-Solidarność literature at UBC this weekend: greencollege(dot)ubc(dot)ca(slash)whats_on(slash)index(slash)events837 (dot)php. It will feature Bill Johnston (en(dot)wikipedia(dot)org(slash)wiki(slash)Bill_Johnston_%28translator %29), a highly decorated translator who loves Polish writing. I can’t make this particular event but PM me if you’re interested in this sort of stuff and I can let you know when the next one is happening!

As an aside, I met Prof. Johnston at Poland in the Rockies a few years ago (youtube(dot)com(slash)watch?v=-ph-Sd63Leo&t=14s) and must say he was one of the highlights of the entire program (which is saying a lot). Highly recommended!

(Sorry for the jumbled links; it’s not letting me post them in full.)
10 Mar 2013 #26
I have been looking for an old friend from poland her name is Kristina I believe she lived in Krakow not sure she use to visit an older couple that owned a rooming house near Oak st and Broadway in vancouver, she spoke a few languages including Russian and other's she had a sister in Montreal back in 1995 and I met Kristina at that rooming house. So anyone in the polish community happen to know Kristina she's 5' 4'' redish hairs and don't remember her last name she either was part of a theatre or dance group back in 1995. My e-mail Thank's
18 Apr 2017 #27
Is there any Polish nightclubs in Vancouver? I live in Surrey and there's 3 Polish stores five minutes away from my house, we moved from Poland in 94 (when I was 7) but I've never met any Polish people here. Where is everybody?

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