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Looking for Polish tutor/classes in NYC

kryakina 1 | 1
18 Feb 2015 #1
I am looking for a quick and effective way to learn Polish Language.

I live in New York and am considering small group classes/tutoring via Skype etc.

I will be grateful for any suggestion/recommendations.

Best regards,
X4k7 - | 2
19 Feb 2015 #2
Hi Iryna,
I can teach you Polish Language free by skype, phone and personally in NY... I live in Naples, FL and often visiting NY. I have experience in teaching. What do you need to teach mostly?

I am 64 Years young Polish single guy. I have a lot of free time.

Polish is my native language. I know Russian some.
Best regards
OP kryakina 1 | 1
20 Feb 2015 #3
Hi, Arek!
Thanks a lot for your message.
I think I mostly need help with speaking and writing.
I am studying on my own now and the vocabulary is somewhat similar to
ukrainian and Russian language which are my native languages.
I am willing to write to you via email, but it seems to me that I can't post it here.
I am not able to do PM also, since I am a new user.

My email address is my log in name at gmail.

I would very much appeciate if you could send me a test message via email so we can chat.

Have a great day!!

iskandar - | 1
25 Feb 2017 #4

Polish language tutor in NYC

Hello, I will soon be living in Poland for a few months on a business trip, and would like to practice speaking the language. I am looking for a tutor in New York City that can focus on speech, vocabulary, and pronunciation. I know some vary basic phrases and some basic grammar. I am also a fluent Russian speaker which should help with language acquisition. Any suggestions ?

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