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Suggestions on how I can learn Polish? ( I live in Santa Cruz, but no Polish community in the area )

26 Jan 2014 #1

I'm interested in learning Polish, though I can't find any classes in my area. I live in Santa Cruz, California, but there seems to be absolutely no semblance of a Polish community in the area. There is San Jose/Saratoga which is relatively close by, and has a bit of a Polish community, but it's a 40 minute drive there and there's no way in hell I'm driving there for lessons.

While I don't have any experience whatsoever speaking/reading Polish, Russian was my first language, and I think I could pick up on Polish fairly quickly (I can already read about a quarter of Polish with my knowledge of Russian), and I always loved Polish (As well as being slightly ethnically Polish, not very much at all, but something is better than nothing, eh?).

So does anyone have any advice for me?

P.S. Sorry if in wrong category, there isn't anything for learning Polish, and General Language seems like the only place to post this in.
Uglywoman 3 | 75
26 Jan 2014 #2
Hi sweetie maybe you can take a class at a community college :D
Snowflake - | 71
26 Jan 2014 #3
Instal Skype on your PC.
Find " Kocio Psocio"
And then we can try to talk for a while in Polish :)
Baldbeard - | 1
26 Jan 2014 #4
I've taught Polish for a doctor in Enterprise, AL for two years over Skype. After each lesson I record a review for him, for instance like this one: h t t p : slash slash slash 5oKxFL You are 9 hours before me of time, but we can do a test lesson. What do you say ? I'll send you my skype later.


Snowflake - | 71
26 Jan 2014 #5
It's ok to me :) I'm native Pole.
Meathead 5 | 469
27 Jan 2014 #6
So does anyone have any advice for me?
27 Jan 2014 #7
Hi, my name is Monika I am polka, I'm interested in learning English. I live in the UK, but I have a problem with the language. If you have time and feel very happy to be with you will teach.
13 Mar 2014 #8
Hi, I am native polish and if you want I can help you with learning polish and you could help me improve my english:) if you interested send me message by e-mail

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