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A stretch - Polish restaurants in Oklahoma?

convex 20 | 3,978
9 Dec 2010 #1
Does anyone know of any Polish restaurants in Oklahoma? Willing to head as far north as OKC. ..Not because I can't go for a month without Pierogi, but more of a compare and contrast type thing :)

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
CKMAN - | 1
25 Dec 2010 #2
Good question... buy them in the supermarket
26 Dec 2010 #3
Bozena Polish Restaurant
1115 East Poplar Street
Fort Gibson, OK 74434 USA

OP convex 20 | 3,978
26 Dec 2010 #4
Bozena Polish Restaurant

Thanks for that, a bit too far...but I found a place called Maggies Cafe in OKC close to Wiley Post. They do a mixed menu, will have a look :)

Alright. Went to Maggies in OKC, had an order of golabki. Not too impressed. They were huge....found out why. Stuffed to the brim with rice, almost no meat! They were pretty dry. Some headshaking went on. Ah well. So kids, stick to BBQ in Oklahoma.
restaurantsinca - | 1
10 Jul 2012 #5
Bozena's is Only Polish Restaurant in Oklahoma.

Bozena's Polish Restaurant in Fort Gibson (pop. 4,054) is reportedly the only restaurant in the state specializing in authentic Polish dishes. Menu choices at the 11-year-old restaurant include pierogis (potato and cheese dumplings), potato pancakes, and cabbage rolls.

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