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Small taste of my U.S. prison experience

4 Dec 2018 #1
I was reading this book fand it really brought me back. it nrought me back to the odor, the dark cells, the unpredictability, the being alone and outnumbered and polak full of schemers and dark spirits all around you:

Anyway, some of you may know my story of being a deported yet college educated whit emale born polak who ended up being thrown baxk to polakistan not long ago. However, before I get to that and my experiences here using public transportstion with rude polaks and everything, I want to describe my experience a bit being transferred from santa cruz jail to san quentin prison reception. it would be too long or a book so I may elaborate later but here are just small tidbitd and some ancedotes I will focus on:

I wa shandcuffed inside a small van with a few other jail inmates including one phillipino young guy who ended up with no criminal history with a 10 yr plea bargain and probably the worst prison in california (his transfer after reception according to what I heard was highd esert and this was a small non violent guy who slept with a 12 yr old) and as I was being transported in california highways I saw the outside san quentin exercise yard and inmates hitting bags and maybe playing tennis as I was riding by on the bus dressed in orange. I knew I had close to two and a half yrs of life left in these walls. Imagine that going thriugh your brain, that you have to live actual years and do not know where they are taking you on that bus or where you will eventually end up and with whom. The only thing going on in my mind was my former martial art training and scenarios. I knew it would not help much and I am going to unpredictable envinroments, scenarios and things I cannot even imagine in my mind. However, I remained quiet and calm.

As the COs took us off the bus and we went to the main door into one of the buildings in the prison they asked us which side of te traintrack we were on. I knew it meant they are giving me a chance to go either sny or gp. they never really asked the others from my county just me. However, a snitch and gang dropout in my jail unit I think told the cos there I was flirting of the idea for going go because I was in for a street fight or assault due to using the rear naked choke on someone who attacked me after I confronted him and was not dishonored except one case in my past which was nothing against anyone's will. I wont go into that but I felt like they were tyring to pressure me gp. anyway I wanted to go with the other people on the bus, particularly one friend from my former unit so I did that. I also heard they would ask me form my county who I was and unit I came from so I did not need any extra stress. I figure if it sucks I can switch later.

We were out in some waiting cell for literally the whole day and the gp inmates actually serving as liasons to cos or the workers were quite respectful to us. Anyway, they took out vitals, gave us shots I believe, medical examinarions and eventually let us get dressed in the cdr uniforms. Me and this guy who I think fuked his daughter actually exchanged vidoe game magazines because I am a bit of a nerd like him and no one else brought much with them even coffee. I say he fuked his dsughter jokingly as he never said anything except he got 30 yrs and his daughter is trying to get him rekeased early but did not go i tod etails when some other noisy con started asking him some questions. He was actually a funny dude though and we reminiscented about gaming in the 80s with atari and how controlling mario 64 using the atari 2600 might be posisble and he did this weird half jump saying how it would look like that.

Anyway, as we were eventually led to the reception or I believe Alpine section we heard them yell and jeer. we heard the other inmates make noise, talk crap and shake their cages. the main cop or co who was in charge to,d us to strip I believe right in front of them. he then assigned us bunks with just word of mouth and nothing else. he may have gave us a slip we had no pockets to put into but I dont remember for sure. Then we were eld up to our cells and ceperwtes. I was put in a cell with this short dude with cross eyes who was a serious drug addict and this was his second term. he was doing short time though and basically was about to be released in reception before his transfer so like a month left.

I saw the cell and was flabebrgasted. It literally was so small only one man could walk across three feet and the top bunk where I was to sleep had this big locker on top. You could not move to our side from each side without hitting it and it felt like you could fall off anytime and break your arm or shoulder. the floor was hard and everyhthing was super old. I was like on fourth tier. There was a mural on the eall drawn of a man and woman chicanos with a mustache like one of those aztec ala gang works of art.

He gave me some coffee right away and we talked. He came from Modesto. I want to fast forward to my confrontstion with this tall white with a ebard terrorist wannabe who called himself said but apparently was from a nor well off family who stole my gaming magazine after i got in a fight and was transferred down to second tier and an inmate next door who came from same county as my cellie who was totally nuts. He stood in my way when I was coming baxk from dhow on one of the first days and i shoulder bumped him back i at the time thought he was joking so i joked back. he then charged me full on. and my cellie got in middle before he reached meand i was planning on throwing him backwards. but I want to get into this crazy black dude on that tier who was cellies with another black dude young named monster who kept fighting and knocking people out when theyw erent expecting it. like coming from side and pop pop dude goes down and alarm rings. He was actuslly really cool with me though and it was as if we understood each other. maybe also cause he was cool with rommel or chico, this philipino buddy and ex cellie from my county.

but the black dude in his call was huge and had this one sleeping eye. apparently he fought some people already he demolished on thet tier before cops saw it. mostly what I saw was alarm toing off rignt away and pepper spray so I was surprised to hear this. I was new there at the time though. monster actually ended up rolling out from thst dudes cell. There was also this black dude who sang like a professional named Sam who I later saw as layover in corcoran. He knew the exact lyrics of many songs by heart. like the entire songs.

anyway, this is a fight I have to describe. two black dudes. they were tslking crap near my cell on fourth tier to the side right. one was twlking crap how he should be gp and they made a msitake putting him there. he was also kind of like a gictim who would not shut up and kept arguing with other black inmates every night and a thief. he stole brownies or sweet things off peoples trays in front of the one he grabbed. he did thst to me once and i got a new sweet anyway cause i told one of the workers mine was missing. i was pissed though and told him wtf was he doing when I saw down. He jsut smiled and ignored it. I kept mentioning it when i hesrd his voice on the tier thet he likes to steel things on tiers but he ignored it.

Anyway, when the other guy who he ended up fighting said he was a pimp of some young chick and put him on blast. they ended up setting up the confrontetion for thwt day's midday chow. as this dude was coming back I saw the intensity or his walk and eyes. he had his fists clenched and kept walking straight on thst fourth tier. the other fuy was waiting with no shirt and something (at the time I thiught it was his shirt) tied to the top of his head. It was straight out of an 80s movie, like the warriors. people were making a circle or on either side enclosing them. or since there was not much space on sides just behind grouped up. they attacked each other like wolves. the other dude kept not controlling distance and getting too close and he ended up with a broken nose. he was also picked up above the head and dropped straight down to which he wrapped his legs around the dude ufc style and put him in a choke. it was the broken up by some other black dude named g money who ended up throwing **** on some inmate from a bootle and out in the hole later.

I also would like to mention a situation I was in Corcoran. Corcoran is straight ghetto by the way especially d and c yards because its open two floors everyone looks at everyone no privacy. those two yards have people living in buildings with no cubicles. i was only in those yards a day between transfer to vslley state but it was. abunch of drag queens and gays combined with black gangstas walking around looking at you. pure ghetto. but the a yard if i remember corrctly or b was cubicles with 8 men to pod. it wasnt that bad but they moved me there out of the blue as they run iut of space in one california prison they just move people to another shifting bodies making space, contracts moneey etc. its all a u.s. game.

and i ended up in this section where this blaxk dude also ended up in after a few days of me being there who was from valley state and would punk people for phone calls orwalk up in middle of line and stare people down. I ended up fighting him and he ran out the cell after giving me black eye acting like that was his whole goal or he never wanted to risk it or try fi ishing me just aplearance sake and hoping that will get guards attention to role ke out. fact was i hit him multiple times too but he was bigger somostly on his body and a couple ehad shots but blacks dont really bruise. anyway he tried to get this other black dude to jump me and offered to pay him like 45 bucks to do it and he was there inthe room and the whole time i had to have my back turned or eyes looking at him expecting to get jumped so i fought like crap but did enough apparently. i can describe this fight but later. i want to mention a dunny ancedote first. after this fight another black guy started yelling at mebecause all the young white guys would pay him a coke or canteen item for helping them do their order which was his prison job and i never gave him anything so the whole time i thought it related to the other guy i fought the previous day and all the blacks were kind of huddled and i expected to literally be jumped. imagine that feeling tensionexpecting any second to be mass attacked.
Lyzko 37 | 8,557
4 Dec 2018 #2
Has the makings of successful true crime story.
OP Szczelec
4 Dec 2018 #3
basically me and that dude had issues from before and he was pretty much bi or gay but claimed to have a wife. he would just out of the blue in valley state ask personal questions like who i was talking on the phone with and crap. what a vermin individual. its like the worse human being you can think of. more later.

Ok I will go a bit more in case they ban me again. The black guy had like a blue durag constantly i forgot his name at the second, wait it was lb long beach thats right. he even grabbed his Id card after the fight in corcoran from the table we all had it there and grabbed in mornings before breakfast because he thiught i had russian mafis connections. he may still be there as heahd some time if I remember at corcoran or satf substance absue facility lol. we got in a fight over the phone because he just kept hogging it and putting himself in frontof the line by manipulating and knowing everyone and sweet talking his way through everything. one time as i was about to get on he started talking **** to meand. even interurpted my phone call threatening me. then when he got on later i challenged him and went up to himand startled him a bit and he was likealright ill be there and he briught the other black guy up.

it was a crazy feeling though because i had to write ups and my points were close to level three which meant ifi. get caught dighting i willbe level threeand transferred possibly far away from my visits orfsmily visit and other crapand more time like90 daysas you. cant get two back within six mo months. two 115s as they czll them. so i actually tried to. czlm himdown. and diffuse it but hewent in anyway after his buddy he tried to pay to jump me showed up. he kept crowding me and trying to get me to apologiseso after a whilei just ende dup head butting him.
lul bul - | 48
4 Dec 2018 #4
If the OP is still in warsazwa please PM me or meet me at 6PM in front of Czeska door enterance on Chemilna by the passage.
jon357 71 | 20,031
5 Dec 2018 #5
Small taste of my U.S. prison experience

Good story, well written.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,872
6 Dec 2018 #6
if you cant do the time, don't do the crime

imagine that feeling tensionexpecting any second to be mass attacked.

imagine how a young girl must feel being raped.

What are you looking for? Sympathy?

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