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Polish Sister Cities to USA Cities? Anyone have a good list?

Kazimierz 5 | 23
30 Jun 2009 #1
I have traveled a lot, but only within the USA, and I am planning on traveling to Poland and wanted a comparison between some cities.

Any good sites that have comparisons? Or any comparisons from people whom have been to both?

sadieann 2 | 205
30 Jun 2009 #2
Gdansk, is the "Sister City," with Seattle, Washington..Check it out.
Pani_Polska - | 89
30 Jun 2009 #3
If you look up the respective Polish cities on there should be a list at the bottom of the page of their sister cities around the globe. Cheers!
OP Kazimierz 5 | 23
30 Jun 2009 #4
Good idea! I did that and found this:

List of Twin Towns and Sister Cities in Poland
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
30 Jun 2009 #5
Add to that: Wroclaw twinned with Charlotte, North Carolina.
musicwriter 5 | 87
10 Jan 2010 #6
Toledo is twinned with PoznaƄ, among other cities.
29 Jan 2017 #7
Krakow is a giant European version of Ann Arbor, Michigan.
johnny reb 47 | 7,057
29 Jan 2017 #8
Does Krakow have an annual public "Hash Bash" where people smoke their brains out (pun intended) every year in the parks and on the streets ?

There is a reason why Ann Arbor is called A squared or arrogant asses.
Krakow is has much higher standards then A.A. Michigan pompous over educated idiots.

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