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Polish Restaurants in Southwest Florida (Sarasota, Tampa, Venice, Englewood, Ft. Meyers)

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
5 Feb 2011 #1
Just heard about a Polish eating place in Florida. It is the Pierogi Grill & Deli at 1535 Gulf to Bay Blvd in Clearwater. Tel (727) 216 3055). Dunno anything mroe about it, so maybe some Floridan will want to check it out.

Another is Góral Polish Deli in New Port Richey.
(727) 842 8535
9 Feb 2011 #2
Hey I read a review in the the St. Pete Times a while back & just passed by the place for the first time in January along with seeing a commerical on Bay News 9. I must stop by soon to see how the food tastes because it sure looked good on the TV.
George8600 10 | 636
9 Feb 2011 #3
Pierogi......."grill" ??????
kencz - | 2
7 Jan 2015 #4
Merged: Sarasota, Tampa, Venice, Englewood, Ft. Meyers - Florida: Are there any good Polish resturant in this area?

Grew up in Hamtramck MI, Detroit Mi, and to this day there are still a number of surprisingly excellent Polish resturants that we frequent ofter as well as many shops to get excellent Polish Kielbasa, Pierogi, Pastries and Bread. Even a few excellents spots out in the suburbs.

Are there in any good spots at all in the SW Florida area mentioned in the topic?
Looker - | 1,120
10 Jan 2015 #5
It seems to me that there's not great place and time for such Polish business in the USA. Recently has been closed a nice Delilah's Garden Polish Restaurant in Fort Myers, and to my knowledge one (and only in this area?) that remains is Pierogi Grill & Deli in Clearwater.

Visit their page:
johnny reb 34 | 6,844
10 Jan 2015 #6
Understand that most of the people that live in that area are old people and their parents.
It is a retirement area.
Even though old people have their social security, life insirance policies from their late mate, pensions, ect.
for some reason (old school) pinch a nickle so tight it makes the buffalo fart.
They like the all you can eat buffets for $6.99.
An authentic Polish restaurant uses fresh ingredience which are expensive. ie: real butter ect.
The buffets use cheap processed foods.
Good food is not cheap and cheap food is not good.
kencz - | 2
11 Jan 2015 #7
Thanks all for the tips on the Polish Resturants in my area. I will get them to them both in the next couple of weeks and report back here.

Maybe I can find a Polish Festival or Polish Catholic Church nearby that might have food or even a good old fashioned Friday Fish Fry.

I did spot a bakery today advertising "Poonch-kee" (as most young people say these days) available on the traditional Fat Tuesday before Lent starts.

Plan to get there too and try them out.
12 Feb 2015 #8
I am Polish Speaking Realtor in Tampa Florida since 1986 working currently for People's Choice Realty. There is a good group of Polish speaking people in Tampa and surrounding areas like Clearwater, Port Richey, Hudson, Land O Lakes.

In Clearwater we have a John Paul II polish club very close to beaches and at least 3 polish stores.
For more info, please sent e-mail to
Donna Mazurek

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