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Reputable Polish Child Adoption Agencies in the US?

Aubrey 1 | -
25 Nov 2007 #1
Can anyone tell me who the reputable adoption agencies here in the U.S. are? We are considering Polish adoption (I'm of Polish heritage) and I'm not quite sure where to start. Thanks!
8 Sep 2015 #3
Hi Aubry - my husband and I worked with New Beginnings International out of Tupelo, Mississippi to adopt our daughter this past year. I work with them still to find families to adopt :) If interested in more information, just visit me through my website (we talk about adoption and life there)
hopinz18 - | 1
22 Oct 2015 #4
Merged: Living in the US and attempting to adopt from Poland.

Hello there. My husband and I are both Polish citizens living in the USA permanently and looking to adopt a child from Poland. Has anyone had any experience with this? Did you use an agency or attorney or attempt to file the papers yourself? Looking for some advice on the best approach and any feedback on your experience.

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