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Has anyone received US visa on temporary Polish passport?

Lp6678 1 | 4
21 Dec 2018 #1

Long story short: Recently found out that passport is not valid due to name change on US marriage certificate and need to get a new passport for visa interview.

I have tried calling US Consulate at Krakow today and were asked to call back at different time and at the end of the day told that everyone has left the office and we should call back after christmas break :( I am planning to call back after christmas break to verify this from the consulate.

Has anyone on this forum attended a US visa interview on temporary passport (paszport tymczasowy)?

Tlum 10 | 166
4 Jan 2019 #2
It'd be interesting to know if you were successful (it seems that a temporary passport should be considered as a valid / legal document); if you have no criminal records I'd assume you should be able to get the visa.
MoOli 9 | 480
4 Jan 2019 #3
It is a clear law that the passport should be valid for atleast 6 months on the date of entering the US.

Home / USA, Canada / Has anyone received US visa on temporary Polish passport?
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