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A questionnaire about smile and laughter in the US

aga_so 1 | 1
2 Apr 2010 #1
Hello :)

big favour to ask to all of the American people here! I'm a polish student of ethnolinguistics and right now I'm writing my master's thesis about smile and laughter in different cultures (one of them is American). To complete this, I have to poll Americans, Poles and French people about how they perceive their own and different cultures. When it comes to Poles I found them without any problems :) but I do have difficulties in finding American people that would be willing to fill the poll. Basically, it is a 30 multiple choice question poll and it takes about 5-7 min to fill this in. I would desperately need about 12 people as I've already found 4 :) Is there anybody who would be willing to help me with this?? I would really appreciate any help as time is running and I really need to finish my research. If you want to fill in the poll, please let me know and I will email it to you. Thank you in advance! :)
pgtx 30 | 3,156
3 Apr 2010 #2
how about a Pole living in the USA?
TIT 5 | 211
3 Apr 2010 #3
read carefully
you are not counted
pgtx 30 | 3,156
3 Apr 2010 #4
read carefully

i did...
you never know...
OP aga_so 1 | 1
3 Apr 2010 #5
thank you very much for your help!! i really appreciate this :) if there's anybody else who is willing to fill in the poll, please let me know, i'll email it asap :)

anyway, thanks again :)
Bear - | 6
18 Apr 2010 #6
If you still need people, I'll do the survey for you. PM me if you do.
Gaby91 - | 1
20 Apr 2010 #7
I'd gladly fill out the questionnaire if you still need more people :)
skysoulmate 14 | 1,295
20 Apr 2010 #8
Hello :)

big favour to ask to all of the American people here!

I'd be glad to do it under 2 conditions.

1) You'll spell favor correctly - just keeding here, I know Poles are in love with the Anglo-French way of spelling English. LOL

2) You'll share your findings with us.

It's interesting you're doing research on this subject. Since I travel a lot I often mention this to my parents how differently people seem to be interacting with each other in other countries. Even in the US there are stark differences between let's say Northeast and the Southern states.

When I moved to the States many moons ago I remember calling my mom one day proclaiming - Mom, I love this country! All the ladies are smiling when I look at them... LOL
23 Jun 2012 #9
Hi!! I'm writing my master thesis about smiling in advertisement and prefered smiles amongst cultures... I am very interested in your findings!!!! Would you mind sending me yome of your results??
beckski 12 | 1,617
24 Jun 2012 #10
Didn't you already request the same info, under username aga so over TWO years ago?
24 Jun 2012 #11
No. That wasn't me...
23 Apr 2013 #12
Hi, my name is Lindsay and I am currently trying to write a speech on laughter. I just found this forum and I was wondering if you would by any chance still have your questionnaire and essay on smile and laughter in the US. It would be a great source for me to find information! If you could email me anything you have at I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!!
Rysavy 10 | 308
23 Apr 2013 #13
What on 3 different names talking about this?

It must be a specialty subject that is required through a particular book or curriculum.
What is the chances a Polish student in 2010-Agri
a unknown non member in 2012 -Aga wanting results of the data
and a person from 2013 Delaware -Lag would be needing same data?

Since it was a person's MASTER thesis... the work would not/should not be easily accessible to simply anyone for copy/paste turn in. If the participants still even have links after 3 years.... ^_^

One might try PMing the original poster in hopes they have the same email to ping & to see if they would give you the flat data results.

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