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Totalization Agreement Between the U.S. & Poland

aggieclint 4 | 9
30 Dec 2012 #1
Does anyone know more about this thing they call the totalization agreement, which came into effect in March 1, 2009?

From what I understand, if an American lives in Poland longer than 5 consecutive years without being in the States for 6 straight months, the American citizen would lose his Social Security in America.

So I have already heard of Americans going back to the States for 6 months so they can remain eligible for Social Security, and then they will return to Poland.

Part of me thinks this is too outlandish to be true. But does anyone have any further knowledge/experience with this?
berni23 7 | 378
30 Dec 2012 #2
Not sure if this helps but to be eligible for lower taxes you have to reside within the state for 6 months(during one year!) if you live the rest of your time abroad.
OP aggieclint 4 | 9
30 Dec 2012 #3
Yes, but I am primarily asking about Social Security. Here's a link talking about the Totalization Agreement:

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