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Snack Exchange - Poland <> US

ThatNonPolishDud 1 | 1
24 Jun 2017 #1
So I am sending some snacks to my friend in Poland and I was wondering what US snacks are hard/ impossible to find in Polish stores. And what may be expensive US candy there? I heard that I shouldn't send Hershey's but any other tips would be greatly appreciated.
24 Jun 2017 #2
I think you cannot go wrong with the big packs of M&M (almond, peanuts), suggested to buy in Costco plus all the other typical American stuff like Sneakers, Mars, maybe brand coffee like Dunkin etc.
OP ThatNonPolishDud 1 | 1
24 Jun 2017 #3
Thanks! I'll get some special m&Ms to try and get something that's exclusive to the US. And I'll definitely try those other candies too.

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