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Polish Passport not acceptable (flight to Toronto from Poland)

carolgreen943 2 | 5
22 Aug 2012 #1
Barbara...what can you tell me about a Polish passport. My cousin was to fly to Toronto from Poland last Saturday only to be told his passport was not acceptable...something about a chip missing. He was traveling for business not pleasure so I am assuming his company should have had all his papers checked out and ready before wasting all this time and now having to reshedule for a different time. I have heard that the Polish bureacracy offices can be quite trying for applying for type of papers but am interested in finding the detail for passports. dzienkujie
Zibi - | 336
22 Aug 2012 #2
Canada allows visa-free travel for Poles, provided one has a "biometric" passport i.e. one produced fairly recently. Your cousin must be a moron not to have known that. BTW, companies do not handle passport matters for their employees.
MoOli 9 | 480
22 Aug 2012 #3
lol does anyone has to be told that murder is a crime in any developed country?

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