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Packages sent from Poland to USA "held" in customs?

19 Mar 2015 #1
Greetings!! So I recently had a package shipped out via poczta Polska to me in the USA. I've been keeping an eye on the tracking as it didn't move for several days and I thought I must be between Poland and the USA. Well a couple of days ago it suddenly said "held by customs" and hasn't moved since. My question is, is the polish to english translation accurate? Is my package truly being held or did it just enter customs for inspection? And if it is being held what do I do about it? The package came from a polish based company and They should have known how to send a package without upsetting customs, I've emailed them about this with no response sadly. I'm just looking for a bit of help/advice.

The latest message on the tracking is as follows: "Zatrzymanie przez urząd celny 2015-03-18 01:33 WER Warszawa"
Looker - | 1,032
19 Mar 2015 #2
did it just enter customs for inspection?

Yes, it's probably that.

And if it is being held what do I do about it?

You can't do nothing yet. They will examine the content of the packages, and in the worst scenario you receive a message from them, that in order to get these things you must pay additional customs fee (it may happen in the case of a new, more expensive items)
OP QuietFire
19 Mar 2015 #3
Looker, thank you for your input, unfortunetly it is a brand new and semi expensive item (around $350 usd) so I am slightly worried that it may get held up. Do you know if it usually takes awhile for an item to go through customs, in the US when an item hits customs and there is an update on tracking about it, it usually only takes about a day to clear.
Looker - | 1,032
19 Mar 2015 #4
There's still a chance that they won't check the content, not all packages are screened. It may also depend from the size of the parcel and declared value.

Do you know if it usually takes awhile for an item to go through customs

The rule is, if your item is stopped in customs, it is up to 2-3 days and it should be released if not subject to duty. Otherwise, you should get a letter within 7 days, that the consignment is stopped by the customs with information where and what kind of documents to provide (generally information on the content and proof of payment).

So after couple of days you should call them and determine the so-called stock number of your shipment (numer magazynowy) and then find out whether the shipment is subject to duty or not.
OP QuietFire
19 Mar 2015 #5

Hmm if push comes to shove I guess I'm gunna have to figure out how to make an international call if that's the case. Pardon my ignorance but will someone be able to have a conversation in English when I call, the only languages I understand other then English is a touch of German and Spanish. Sorry if that's a weird question but I've never made an international call let alone one to a international postal service. >_<
Looker - | 1,032
19 Mar 2015 #6
You may also sent them an email (in English) - it will be a better option..
pigsy 7 | 305
19 Mar 2015 #7
Years back when I smoked I once mailed myself american ciggerettes and they were held by customs.After approaching them the parcel was sent back to states.So just make sure what you are sending,they will confisticate or charge heavy duty or be nice and send it back where you have to pay for the return postage.
OP QuietFire
19 Mar 2015 #8
Well I'm just hoping for the best at this point. It was just custom made errrr "exotic" clothing for my girl in the package. So unless they want to keep a piece of clothing, I'm hoping it will clear in a couple days.

Hooray it was released by the customs office!! Thanks for your input guys!!
MarBY - | 1
4 May 2017 #9

The parcel sent from the US to Poland, stuck at "WER Warszawa, Customs clearance"?

Hello. HELP!!!

Did not receive the parcel, and sending back to the sender did not return.
At the post office US from where it were sent they said that it should be at the post office Poland...
And at the post office US said that this line "March 8, 2017, 5:15 pm Departed CHICAGO, UNITED STATES" --- error line in tracking...

How long can keep the parcel at the Customs Clearance?
What to do and where to go to search for the parcel?

Can someone tell me the address, and the phone to clarify where the package is...
3 Mar 2018 #10
I purchased some clothes from Florida and they were supposedly mailed January 23, 2018. It's March 3rd and I have not received the package. I've contacted the seller who claims she has a receipt she mailed it without any tracking. She is supposed to forward a copy of the receipt to me. In the meantime does anyone know how or if I can even find out from the USPS where this package may be?
johnny reb 20 | 4,487
3 Mar 2018 #11
the seller who claims she has a receipt she mailed it without any tracking.

Did the seller have the package insured ? (The seller would have a receipt for that too)
Did the seller ask for your return signature upon delivery ? (The seller would have a receipt for that too)
If the package had any value one would think the answer to those two questions would be yes.
If not it is the senders responsibility to refund you.
Most likely you will be told to wait for a couple of more weeks and see.
I wish you the best.
larahollmes01 - | 12
18 Mar 2019 #12
The best way to avoid such unpleasant things is to use the services of companies offering an address in Poland to receive parcels and send packages abroad.

To find this type of services in Poland, Google-, Poland Package Forwarding And Polish Address, #reshippoland, @shippingpoland
lul bul - | 48
18 Mar 2019 #13
NO matter how you send the package,it has to go through customs.I was at customs office in Warsaw and they have seperate enterances for bug companies and courriers to pick up there stuff AFTER INSPECTION.

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