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Notarized note required for US travel with child born in Poland and holding American passport.

23 Jun 2015 #1
Just wondering if anyone has some experience with this. I'm taking my 9 month old son to visit my parents in the States this summer. I've hard that we'll need a signed and notarized note stating that he is aware of this trip and gives permission for our son to leave Poland with me. Obviously the note will need to be in English for the, but is it required to be notarized in Polish and then translated? Also, will customs on this end also want to see this before I can board the plane? I'm also curious if his American passport will be an issue when we return. He was born here in Poland, so I assume he'll have the right to enter the country without any problems even without a Polish passport. Any insight is greatly appreciated!

Sorry, just to clarify...I'll need a note signed by my husband, not the baby! Typing with a squirming infant doesn't help accuracy, lol.
Polsyr 6 | 769
23 Jun 2015 #2
So you are American, your husband is Polish, and what sort of travel document does your son have?
OP Mikismama
23 Jun 2015 #3
He has an American passport.
Polsyr 6 | 769
23 Jun 2015 #4
His American passport will not be a problem upon return because Americans are entitled to visa free entry to Poland. Him having one Polish parent entitles him to stay in Poland for as long as he wants, but you should take care of some paperwork - perhaps a Polish birth certificate since he was born in Poland to prove that he is Polish as well.

I assume his dad is not travelling and that is why you ask this question.

Regarding the notarized note, in Poland specifically, I never heard of it and nobody that I know heard of it (I am talking about mixed nationality couples). And I travel a lot, quite often with a small child. Since he is leaving Poland with you and you both have American passports I don't think you'll have a problem. If you are still worried, have your husband come with you to the airport and if they say anything tell them the father is physically present and they can ask him.

However in one incident, it happened to my wife when she was flying out of Dubai, UAE, together with my son who was was 9 months old. They asked her to prove she is his mother because they have different last names. Well, as a part of the documents we ALWAYS carry when we travel, we have his birth certificate and our marriage certificate. So she showed them his birth certificate and they said thank you, have a nice trip.

Some countries require notarized & attested written permission from a child's father (by law) in order to allow the mother or other relatives to take the child out of the country. I know for example that Syria applies such a law.
OP Mikismama
23 Jun 2015 #5
OK, thanks! I'll definitely bring a copy of his birth certificate as well. The American TSA are the ones who may ask for this note, so hopefully I'll have all my bases covered just getting it notarized in English.
Polsyr 6 | 769
23 Jun 2015 #6
I have no idea what they will ask for in the US. Better safe then sorry :)
23 Jun 2015 #7
Notarized note required as well in canada , please do it to avoid any problems and delays at airport.

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