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Moving to Poland from Toronto (accounting job, shipping)

zeusTO 1 | 2
2 Aug 2013 #1
Hi there,

My fiancee and I will be moving to Poland from Toronto, Canada. She was born in Poland and immigrated at the age of 5. She speaks 5 languages (Engligh, French, Polish, Croatian and Serbian). She graduated from local university with Masters in Shakespearean literature and has experience in Aviation industry. She is 25, we are expecting our first born this January. I am 32, born in Ukraine and spent last 13 years in Canada. I am an accountant, with CPA designation and currently hold Controller position with a USA company. I don't speak Polish but I can understand some due to fluency in Ukrainian and Russian.

She has very extensive extended family in Poland, I think 32 cousins and even more ants and uncles. Family is scattered across the country and we are not looking to burden anyone of them.

Given that we have sufficient time to prep for the move I would like to definitively answer some of the most important questions;
1. Which city holds highest potential for a good accounting job and what do you think I can expect my starting salary to be (Net of tax please).

2. Should we bring any assets with us, for example I am considering bringing my car(s), furniture, electronics and other household items in a shipping container.

3. What would you recommend us do before the move
sobieski 107 | 2,128
2 Aug 2013 #2
Jobwise you could register with some headhunters / recruiters who specialize in financial positions. Such as Michael Page, Hays, Grafton, Korn Ferry....Check on LinkedIn available positions in Poland.

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