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General differences between Poland and the USA?

mochadot18 15 | 241
10 Jul 2013 #181
We'll first of all I havnt really seen anyone do that much arguing about the any of the differences. Second I thought I would be interesting to see what came up and I've actually some stuff that I didn't know. 3rd done like it... don't care...... don't read it then

Same with you 4 go argue somewhere else, this isn't a thread for you, their arnt arguments going on here just a nice peaceful thread

Fuzzywickets hahaha lol never heard that before
Ryz - | 43
10 Jul 2013 #182
10 Jul 2013 #183
'The good stuff cannot be found in Poland'... are you kidding? There's a micro-brewery thing going on here that would have you begging and weeping for more.

Ok. Which American micro brews are being offered? I'm all ears.
8 May 2015 #184
That is beast

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