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Free phone calls from America to Poland?

4 eigner 2 | 831
4 Jul 2012 #1
Is there a way to make free phone calls (100% free) to Poland? (Europe)
Wroclaw 44 | 5,369
4 Jul 2012 #2
from where ? i need to know before i move the thread
do you mean by landline or mobile ?
OP 4 eigner 2 | 831
4 Jul 2012 #3
from the US, calling both but mainly landline.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,369
4 Jul 2012 #4
a family member, in germany, is allowed one free number by landline. it's possible that you can find a similar deal.
OP 4 eigner 2 | 831
4 Jul 2012 #5
Yeah, I'm gonna have to contact charter, I'll see what they'll say. thx anyway
23 Oct 2012 #6
yes I found a free site to call Poland and works any time of day for as long as you want its inclusiveinternationalcalls if you have a phone on o2 or orange contract it takes the minutes off your inclusive calls and lines are pretty good. Not sure but i think it only rings landlines not mobiles .
Ant63 13 | 410
23 Oct 2012 #7
UK to Poland we use O2 International sim but only for calling Poland and 02 to 02 in the UK. Four pence a minute bought in £15.00 chunks, combined with skype makes it pretty inexpensive compared to a few £200+ bills that had been run up on the landline in the past.
MoOli 9 | 480
24 Oct 2012 #8
As a nutshell from anywhere Mr Mod:) skype and internett or a smart phone is the answer.
Dorasiek - | 2
7 Dec 2012 #9
Dear All,
there is... you have this possibility using Vippie. It is an application for your smartphone, with other Vippie users you're calling for free! If you want to you can call any number in the world with very cheap price. Personally, i were using it during my studies in germany it was the cheapest way to call home;)

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