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American family moving to Poland - looking for advice!

delphiandomine 87 | 18,070
23 Apr 2013 #31
The British school Warsaw is part of Nord Anglia nordanglia they have schools all over the world I am sure this is a draw for many teachers.

Of course, but how many really good teachers even want to leave the UK in the first place?

Do you know how they compare to British public schools?

That depends on the choice of university/country it will obviously be better for students to do IB over A level.

Absolutely, A levels have suffered with so much interference that I'm not convinced that they're worth a thing these days.

No problem both children are bi-lingual +.They also benefit from the two different methods knowledge/usage.

I think it's a great way of doing things - means they don't get stuck in one mentality!
15 Jun 2014 #32
Hi, I just come across this conversation and I was wondering what was your final choice of the schools in Warsaw and place to live. We are going through the same problem at the moment with our now 4 year old and your experience would be vital for us. We are also looking for a 3 bedroom appartment in Ursynow-Kabaty area because we are thinking about sending our little one to the American school as we like their facilities. Any recommendation would be very helpful.
28 Jun 2014 #33
Just to clarify there are two schools in Warsaw

The American school of Warsaw


The International American school which is in Kabaty

The first one is the real deal, many people like Kabaty because of the forest and the metro.
4 Aug 2014 #34
Hi All,

Hope this topic is still alive.
I went through conversation about schools.
We are neither native English speakers nor Polish, moved to Warsaw as expats.

We have a 3.5 yrs old boy and consider the following preschool (The English Playhouse):

If you (local or expat) have any experience about that school - can you share it please.
Many thanks,
5 Aug 2014 #35
I have met the Woman behind this school they have been in Poland many years and AW is very serious about the service they offer.
5 Aug 2014 #36
Dear Warszawski,

Thank you for the answer.

Does this mean that The English Playhouse is quite reliable pre-school by your best knowledge?
Obviously there's no perfect school, but it must provide a certain level of safety and teaching.

Thank you very much!

I mean this location: ul. Płyćwiańska 4
5 Aug 2014 #37
Does this mean that The English Playhouse is quite reliable pre-school by your best knowledge?

The people behind the school are very reliable and professional they have done it all, their kids are in the British school and the playhouse acts as a feeder.We have no personal experience of the school although we know the people behind the kinder=garten and the Westons are long in the tooth in Warsaw.
6 Aug 2014 #38
Dear Warszawski,
Many thanks, very helpful.
6 Aug 2014 #39
Does this mean that The English Playhouse is quite reliable pre-school by your best knowledge?

I have never heard a bad word about the place but have heard more than a few favourable reports.
6 Aug 2014 #40
Thank you Harry - any info is valuable for us.
IrinaT - | 2
16 Mar 2016 #41

newpip, would you please private message me the name of the school your children attend(ed)? We are moving to Warsaw this year with three kids and truly lost and would appreciate any guidance. Thank you so much for our help!
porky pok 2 | 127
17 Mar 2016 #42
Please be careful when you choose the school and carefully run searches on the teachers,because some teachers are in Poland on a secret paid agenda to recruit /influence kids on homosexuality.You can find submissions even on this forum.But google around and people are posting opinions about schools and there teachers on polish language forums and sites.Please be careful what school you send the children and under which teachers supervision.
Thomas12 - | 3
12 Sep 2016 #43
I joined a similar discussion on a different thread, so I thought I would join in here too. Don't forget the International American School of Warsaw. Its is small in size but really good in Education. Its an IBO world school and it has the american AdvancED accreditation. I am an American but I cant pay the other American School fees, IAS is half the price nearly and its an IBO world school with 300 students. I was at the British school earlier but now my kids are here and their language acquisition process in amazing. 35 different nationalities, American and British teachers and a fair price. I joined my wife here in Warsaw after many years of me being abroad. Having children that spoke Polish only was difficult for me. Not any more.

I am grateful to IAS, I would definitely recommend. Here they are:

no ads please
SarraO - | 8
17 Oct 2016 #44
If you are planning a trip to Polish especially with children, you should know where, if you can get medical help. In Warsaw is a great American Clinic, where no problems agreement in English, and what's more, each patient receives own tudor, who deals with it at every stage of treatment. Certainly outside of renting an apartment or a car, also finding the right medical facility it is a priority, especially one with qualified staff and graet quality medical equipment.

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