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Amazon to POLAND, USA, UK to POLAND (getting things shipped)

insaneCoder 1 | 1
2 Oct 2012 #1
Whatsup guys?
I need to know, if there is any way to get things shipped from the US, like 6pm .com, 1saleaday. com, ebay. com, amazon. com?
jon357 72 | 21,288
2 Oct 2012 #2
You can buy from Amazon in Poland. It's shipped from the UK (or it is whenever I use it).
Orpheus - | 114
2 Oct 2012 #3
It's shipped from the UK

I think they have a big depot in Germany. I've had stuff sent from there. Or was it ebay?
2 Oct 2012 #4
Amazon will ship to Poland (but some of their marketplace sellers won't). Some ebay sellers will ship to Poland and some won't.

Your best bet is to simply use a shipping agent in the USA: the website/seller posts the item to the shipping agent and the shipping agent then send them on to you in Poland. That's how I do it. The total cost is less than getting the seller to ship direct to Poland and you aren't limited to only sellers who will ship to Poland.

You can buy from Amazon in Poland. It's shipped from the UK (or it is whenever I use it).

Stuff from amazon? That would certainly be helpful from a tax viewpoint.
OP insaneCoder 1 | 1
2 Oct 2012 #5
I do the same in GEORGIA, the place i live in. CAMEX.GE
Do you have a website for that shipping agency?
2 Oct 2012 #6
Somewhere, yes. I've got their email address but wouldn't want to post it publicly.
23 Mar 2016 #7
[Moved from]: Amazon eGift Card - From UK to Poland

Hi all,

What's the best way to go about sending an egift card via email for a Polish recipient from the UK.

I'm looking to send an emailed version from Amazon EU S.à.r.l. but want to ensure it can definitely be redeemed from Poland.

Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Hellooo - | 28
23 Mar 2016 #8
Yes it can be redeemed from Poland
Hung Tran
1 Apr 2016 #9
Merged: I need to send a gift to my friend in Poland. Can Amazon ship goods into Poland?


I'd like to send a gift to my friend in Poland (link below).

And his address is

Kujawska 24/8
30-042 Kraków

I don't know how to enter it properly in Amazon, especially the field State/Province/Region and Zip Code. Secondly, I don't want him to pay any tax for this gift but I don't know what taxation is in Poland. Anyone who has experienced with Amazon shipping please give me some advice. I'm really appreciate that.

P.s: If there is a local store in Poland that sells the keyboard, please suggest me. I'd like to make an order on this site. It'd be easier for delivery than Amazon.

To moderators: I'm really confused what category I should post. If you delete my thread, then could you tell me how to post it properly?

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