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Looking for Polish people living in Toronto

impete82 3 | 29
14 Feb 2009 #31
Question is where are you all???

you kidding? toronto is mad filled with poles. are you looking in garbage cans and supermarket buggies i assume? :P
26 Feb 2009 #32
Please see message Jan. 22, 2009, few messages above.
"The Bell Canada phone book lists 37 people. In no way
I can call this many people. Do you know of this particular fellow?"
I guess you do not know Mark Paul who lives in Toronto.
Your comments are very educational, though.
26 Feb 2009 #33
Polish Education Foundation in Toronto?

Are you sure about the name? There is no organization with that name listed in Toronto. If there was, you could contact the organization and ask for Mr. Paul.
5 Mar 2009 #34
That was the name given me. I am not sure if it is correct. Maybe some similar name?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,385
5 Mar 2009 #35
Polish Education Foundation in Toronto?

What sort of education ?

A search would be easier, if we had a keyword.
5 Mar 2009 #36
Maybe some similar name?

Was the name in Polish originally? It may be listed as it is spelled in Polish.
maciek_stick - | 2
22 Jul 2009 #37
[Moved from]: toronto photography: I would like to meet Poles here who like photography.

czesc everybody!

i am new to this forum but i was wondering if there are any younger people who like to shoot photography around here?

i think it would be nice to meet some people in toronto that are polish and like photography!
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
22 Jul 2009 #38
Hello maciek_stick,

And welcome to the Polish Forums.

There are quite a few photographic enthusiasts on this forum.

You can use the search box in the top right hand corner of the page to search the forum for your interests.
AlterEgo - | 1
5 Aug 2009 #39
Whereabouts in Toronto? I am originally from Lodz ... now living in Mississauga.

- Mark
Pray for Poland
17 Sep 2009 #40
Maybe this is a lead to follow:
This is from Canadian Polish Congress (KPK - Kongres Polonii Kanadyjskiej)
This guy is publishing a lot using News of Polonia out of Pasadena, CA and is on-line version at:
I hope that helps.
God bless. Pray for Poland.
ciekawy artykul
5 Oct 2009 #41
This link to Kongres Polonii Kanadyjskiej has article by Mark Paul. They should know where to reach him.
did22 - | 1
11 Feb 2010 #42
hi how are u i can give me u r number phone lm coming to toronto
kh siarko sanok 2 | 52
11 Feb 2010 #43
Chris Marcin from Sanok,but now live in Scarborough.Leave me M.P if you'd like.Czesc
9 Feb 2012 #44
Hello Everyone,
I once stayed at a Best Western Hotel at 5503 Eglinton Avenue W, Toronto, Ontario for about 30 days in November/December 2007. I met a lovely polish lady who used to work at the Reception. Her name was name Annj. I have since lost touch with her as I no longer live in Canada. I'd really like to re-establish contact with her and I'd therefore appreciate any useful leads as to her whereabouts and possibly her current contact.

My name is Joseph and I can be reached on kpdconsult@yahoo.

Kind regards everyone and have a good day.
ShAlEyNsTfOh 4 | 161
13 Feb 2012 #45
but now live in Scarborough

dear GOD!

scarborough is a death trap, bracie!

i live uptown.

18 Feb 2012 #46
Hey. Polish-Toronto is a multiplied fun. Lots of us around...
24 Jan 2013 #47
I live in Mississauga, and at my high school at least 50% of people are Polish. It feels like I'm living in Poland sometimes. :)
Anyone try the new store "Our Creps" just opened in mississauga, it's polish owned and originated from Poland. Also I really like Yellow Cup Cafe in Etobicoke.
11 Sep 2016 #48
Hi guys, I live in Warsaw, but used to live in Toronto up to 1995. I am planning to go back to Canada. I have enough of Poland, its politics, bad government's institutions, poor economy and terrible employees. I have run a company since I came to Poland and I can see very little has changed throughout 20 years. The market has matured but people have not. Can you guys let me know of some business clubs that I can get to know in Ontario? I would appreciate it. I'd like to get to know some people who can help me get back to Canada and start some good business or service. Both me and my wife have been in in aesthetic medicine and SPA business for the last 20 years. Adam B.

By the wy, my address:

Polonia1234, what High School do you go to? Which area of Mississauge is it? It is important to me because I have 11 old daughter and I want to send her to a schoold with Polish students. At this time to a primary school but at least I will know where most Poles live.

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