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Looking for Polish people living in Toronto

chris_c 1 | 9
10 Jan 2007 #1
So I look and can’t seam to find, considering Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton has one of the larges Polish populations outside the Home Land.

Question is where are you all???:)
10 Jan 2007 #2
Playing hockey? :)
11 Jan 2007 #3
Hi Chris,
I am living in Toronto and I am from Poland, welcome to teh forum:)
OP chris_c 1 | 9
11 Jan 2007 #4
Thanks for the welcome Miranda :) and I guess i'm from ploand to, well been here most of my life, this is home now :(

and as for hockey, I used to play years back, but got a nasty injury on the ice and things are not the same anymore, lets just say I slammed into an open gate with my shoulder.
forgetmenots 4 | 77
19 Jan 2007 #5
Question is where are you all???

Chris , you should consider yourself as the lucky one! I am living near Montreal so what can I do if you feel yourself hopeless ?? :) just teasing ;-)
OP chris_c 1 | 9
20 Jan 2007 #6
I love Montreal :) go there all the time :) in addition i will be there Saturday Jan 20th till Sunday .. it's like my 2nd home :P CANT WAIT.
forgetmenots 4 | 77
20 Jan 2007 #7

impatient :) hmmm montreal for weekend ... someone is going to have fun :) enjoy your time Chris :)
20 Jan 2007 #8
I like Polish people who try to speak French in Canada :).
forgetmenots 4 | 77
20 Jan 2007 #9
I didnt have the courage to try yet .... and the Canadian French seems to be little bit different ... :)
well first I will polish my english and then who knows ....:)
OP chris_c 1 | 9
20 Jan 2007 #10
impatient YEP.. i might as well move there lol... it's cheeper on gas :P

I'm going with my russian connection :P it might be out of control :)
forgetmenots 4 | 77
22 Jan 2007 #11
i might as well move there lol

it might be out of control

I try to keep that stage all the time ... well sometimes yes I need to control myself :)

in that case I will be sure that there is at least one more Poles (active... :)) in Montreal lol :))
Kamyk 2 | 61
22 Jan 2007 #12
Question is where are you all???

Hey Chris, I'm in Waterloo ... you're right. There is like half a million of Poles in Canada. Majority of that figure s/b in Ontario and Quebec but we're kind of unvisible comparing to other minorities which manage to organize themselves and be "out there"..
27 Jan 2007 #13
hey, I am polish living in Toronto...:)
OP chris_c 1 | 9
27 Jan 2007 #14
Ok so what is your 411???

Need details:)
27 Jan 2007 #15
haha... what are you looking for?
OP chris_c 1 | 9
27 Jan 2007 #16
Well lets try this…

You do not have a profile so…. Umm

So sex, age would be a good start lol

And for sex.. Don’t tell me “LOST” that’s my line.. lol.. Male / Female will do lol
piotroslaw - | 1
14 Oct 2007 #17
Hi everybody, mane name is Piotr, I am looking for a my family in Toronto. I am living in Dublin. Does anybody now how I can do it?

They went over to Toronto around 25 years ago.
14 Oct 2007 #18
try the yellow pages in Toronto, if you need further help PM me, I am in Toronto:)
Polish_Goral - | 3
4 Nov 2007 #19
im polish living in actually goralish lmao!!

cheers all you guys!
4 Nov 2007 #20
Hi Goral, if you live in Miss, it is like almost living in Poland. Welcome:)
Polish_Goral - | 3
4 Nov 2007 #21
thanx for the warm welcoming miranda:D

so i suppose you live in gta somewhere aswell?
4 Nov 2007 #22
yes, Toronto:)
Polish_Goral - | 3
5 Nov 2007 #23
thats awesome...where in poland are you from?
koza 1 | 6
24 Nov 2007 #24
Miranda, just wondering if there are any lounges/cafes in TO that are polish owned, where you can meet some polish peeps over tea.
New to TO, yet lived here for almsot 2 years now :/ it's a long story.

24 Nov 2007 #25
I actually don't know of hand because most of them are in Mississauga, which is a bit too far for me, but I can ask around. There is a Polish area on Roncesvalles area - are you familiar with it at all? There are some restaurants and cafes there, so that migh be an option for you. I personally don't go there because is a long story;)

PM me if you like.

thats awesome...where in poland are you from?

sorry Goral - I am from Zachodniopomorskie:)
koza 1 | 6
24 Nov 2007 #26
sme here, znasz Czluchow?

yeah i've been to cafe polonez, good placek po wegiersku :)
other than that dundas west is far away, and besides the deli shops and bakeries where i do some of my grocery shopping, roncesvalles is too far. i live downtown.

18 Mar 2008 #27
can u find me any girl from canada for marrige this is my mo. no. 0035796454776
22 Jan 2009 #28
I want to help en older individual of Polish descent who wrote me:
"I am looking for Mark Paul fo the Polich Education Foundation of North America in Toronto" . Can you help me, please. The Bell Canada phone book lists 37 people. In no way I can call this many people. Do you know of this particular fellow?
lachy_na_zawsze - | 1
25 Jan 2009 #29
Hey Chris,

Living in Rexdale(Near Etobicoke) since Jan '08... Moved here from London, Ontario where we've lived since coming to Canada in '88. There's PLENTY of Polish people here, I work in the woodbine centre mall and run into us almost every other day :)
26 Jan 2009 #30
Can anyone reading this Polish Forum [Looking for Polish people living in Toronto] help to find a way to contact Mark Paul from the Polish Education Foundation in Toronto? [This is same request as above, on January 22, 09. Please help if you can.


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