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Polish people and food stores in San Francisco

la_marite 1 | -
12 Apr 2010 #1
Hi there,

I just arrived in San Francisco and I started to search the internet for Polish people in the SF bay area. All I found was kind of Polish Community but as I am not Polish (but German), I do not consider joining the polish community. All I want is to talk, to communicate, to spend some time with Poles. I love Poland and the Polish language (I speak a bit and I would like to continue learning and talking) - hope you are out there and give me a sign.

ofohsho - | 1
31 May 2010 #2
Hi Marit,
I recommend SFPolskis. Here is their yahoo page:

You can subscribe to their newsletter and receive information about meet-ups (they are meeting, for example, this Friday for happy hour at Medjool Lounge). I think it's a pretty laid back group; you don't have to be Polish to join, just have an interest in the language/culture. Many native Poles go to the meet-ups so you'll likely make friends that can help you practice your language skills.

Also keep an eye out for certain Polish cultural events. Every year there is a Polish festival in Golden Gate Park where you can meet tons of Poles and practice the language. Unfortunately, it just passed a few weeks ago, but be sure to go next year!

Oh, and if you can get out to Walnut Creek (by car or on BART) there is a Polish restaurant called Chopin Cafe. It is owned by a Polish couple, the waiter is Polish, most of the clientele is Polish--another great place to meet people, practice the language, and enjoy some bigos :)
18 Feb 2013 #3
Merged: Polish food shops in San Francisco


Recently arrived in California from Chicago, and I find it hard to locate any Polish food stores here. My town is Pleasanton.
Does anyone know of any Polish sausage shops round here?

Thanks for any help,

polonius 54 | 420
22 Feb 2013 #4
Dunnoi about Pleasanton, but in the same general area there is Seakor Polish Delicatessen and Sausage Factory. It is located at 5957 Geary Boulevard. The phone number there is: (415) 387-8660.
jalleluja123 2 | 6
6 May 2017 #5

Poles in San Francisco

Are there many Poles in San Francisco Bay Area?

Last time I searched the internet I found a few small groups but more was happening in Los Angeles.

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