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Polish people in Columbus, Ohio?

Dominika 1 | 1
20 Nov 2007 #1
Are there any polish people in Columbus, Ohio? If you are out there let me know. Thanks
hello 22 | 890
20 Nov 2007 #2
bookratt 6 | 85
21 Nov 2007 #3
I grew up in Columbus and yes, there are many Polish people there--though I am not one!

OSU has a student group and a Slavic studies curriculum and many professors publish from there under the banner of Slavic Press. I went to school there and also worked for the university and I remember there being a rather large group of Polish students, as well.

And the Polish American Club (PAC) listed above by hello is pretty well known there, for cultural events, etc.

There is a Polish pottery place outside the city, a kind of factory outlet for Boleslawiec pottery and stuff from other Polish manufacturers.

They used to have Polish mass in the church in German Village, called St Mary's. Check there to see if they still do.

Good luck in meeting new friends and I hope you like my old hometown!

It's grown so much, and just keeps getting bigger, that when I leave Poland to go home for Chrismtas this year, I know I will be shocked, once again, at how big and sprawling it's gotten.
its_stud - | 1
18 Feb 2008 #4
hi dominika,
what part of columbus are you located at?? there r lot of polish people in columbus and in cleveland.are you a student ?
OP Dominika 1 | 1
13 May 2008 #5
Where in Poland are you? sorry for such a late response, i have not been on this site for ever :(
mlynn - | 1
13 May 2008 #6
I am not sure about Columbus...but I know there is a large polish and slavic community in Cleveland. I am a 2nd generation Polish-American girl (grandmother was born in Poland) and we have a lot of great polish people and polish FOOD here. One of our restraunts here called Sokolowski's is a famous polish restaurant that has been featured on food networks (Anthony Bordane) and won awards for thier food. A lot of famous people from around the US...polish and non...come to eat here. It's almost like a tourist attraction and the funny thing is its not even located in a Polish neighborhood but a mixed ethnicity neighborhood with few polish residents...I live right down the street tho :). There food is amazing...they even put onions in their baked mac and cheese. They don't have some of my fav traditional dishes like cabage and noodles but do have some polish food...most of their foods are american with a polish "twist". Anyhow..we do have polish neighborhoods like Slavic Village but sadly they are slums and many parts are riddled with crime. I think it has a lot to do with discrimination and a lack of concern on law enforcements part for immigrant populations. Immigrant areas are usually targets for attack by criminals sadly.
jasony0423 1 | 11
6 Apr 2009 #7
I just came across this, but I live in Columbus, too...
25 Apr 2009 #8
Yeah, I know of one person here in Columbus (besides myself), but both of us moved here from Chicago...and I only live here to go to school; when school's not in session, I go back to Chicago...
22 Jun 2009 #9
I moved from Cleveland (Slavic Village area) to Columbus a couple years ago. Can't say I've come across any other Poles until recently at a doc's office. Good to know some are around!
polishdancer - | 1
19 May 2010 #10
Hello ALL of Polonia Columbus. I am currently dating someone in Columbus and noticed a few post about the Columbus area having a small undiscovered Polonia. I am writing to see if anyone would be interest in joining a dance group if one was created here in Columbus. I have been involved in the past 11 years with a Polish Folk dance group. I am a member of the PNA and looking to join the PRCUA. If anyone would be interested let me know.

8 Jan 2011 #11
The Pottery Shop in Columbus imports pottery from Boleslawiec Poland. They are located at 239 Northwoods Drive, Columbus, 43235 Phone: 614.847.5614. A Polish restaurant will be opening on High Street, south of Graceland Shopping Center.
26 Apr 2011 #12
I moved here from Detroit and am 2nd generation Polish. In 22 years I have not seen very much Polish influence. I have made friends and later discovered their Polish heritage but I miss the big Polish Ethnic festivals at Hart Plaza in Detroit, dancing for the Mazurka Dance Troupe as a teen, homemade Polish meals and of course Poletown in Detroit where everything and everyone was Polish near Michigan Ave and Livernois. It's all changed now but I would love to see somewhere in town where you could polka and eat perogis, kielbasa and capusta all in one day, lol!!! - Yvonne in Hilliard, OH
Kazimierz 5 | 23
28 Apr 2011 #13
I will be relocating to Akron, OH in August of this year (2011), and was wondering if anyone is aware of any Polish markets or communities in the Northeast quarter of Ohio?
3 May 2011 #14
Yes, I live in Columbus (NW side). Where are you?
Tymoteusz 2 | 346
3 May 2011 #15
3rd gen in Dayton. Originally Wisconsinite.
5 May 2011 #16
The Pottery Shop will be in downtown Worthington Saturday May 7, selling Polish stoneware at the first Farmer's Market of the season! Market begins at 9 am and runs until 4 pm rain or shine.
Emilcia786 - | 1
14 Oct 2011 #17
Hi, my name is Emilia and I just moved to Westerville OH from VA. I am looking to meet some polish people in this area. Let me know if anyone lives around here.
coppermouse 16 | 62
4 Nov 2011 #18
My wife Justyna just moved here from near Lodz
30 Jan 2012 #19
My Polish Pottery Shop just received a shipment of hand painted stoneware. I have about 2,000 pieces in a variety of shapes and patterns. The Pottery Shop is located at 239 Northwoods Drive, Columbus 43235. You can also view a video of the pottery being made at the Ceramika Artystyczna factory in Boleslawiec. Please call for hours: 614-847-5614
29 Feb 2012 #20
Hey all! I recently moved to Central Ohio from Poland! My wife and I live in Bellefontaine (my wife is American, no polish roots whatsoever). I haven't met any Poles here yet... Let me know if you want to catch up! Please, feel free to contact me at any time! email: exo3 (at)
Rockergirlie 2 | 9
15 Mar 2012 #21

You're in Hilliard, too? We should get together to make some pierogi! I recently moved to Columbus from southern California for graduate school.
6 Apr 2012 #22
Hi, I am a student at Franklin Univ. Currently I am taking a Global Issue class that requires me to interview someone from the country assigned for research. My country is Poland. I have not been able to locate anyone willing to have a sitdown interview and answer the 20 or so questions given by our prof. Would your wife be interested in assisting? I could buy her and you for that matter, some coffee or something and am willing to send the questions inadvance.

Please let me know via email.
Thanks much
Sharon W.
1 Jul 2012 #23
HI, I and my wife have lived in Columbus for last 8 mounts.
We are 31 years old. We are from Poland and we would like to meet others from Poland as well as Americans who are interested in meeting Polish people.


In regards to the previous post.

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9 Oct 2012 #24

Join the Polish-American Club. Check them out on the web. George

If you have small children, meet the Pol-Am club kids school members at the Upper Arlington Public Library on Saturday mornings. Check the Polonia Ohio website for more information.
Polonia Ohio
6 Nov 2012 #25
Check and facebook page for Polonia Columbus, Ohio (i cannot post the actual links because of the rules of this web)

9 Jul 2014 #26
I live in Mount Vernon which is about 40 minutes away. Just found your post from 2011. My paternal grandparents are Polish-my grandfather was born in Poland. I would love to learn more about my heritage.
Turbulencja - | 5
10 Jul 2014 #27
I am Polish and I moved to Columbus and lived there for one year about twenty three years ago. I escaped after one year. The experience was very difficult, people kept asking me questions like

"So, is Poland a Russian Republic?", "Is Poland in Europe?", "Is your native language French or Spanish?", " Do Polish people have cars?", "Have they introduced TVs to Poland yet?". I could already speak good English, but I had to prove at every step that I had not come straight out of the Amazon Jungle and basically had to apologize to some people for carrying around a good quality, trendy leather handbag, as they expected a Polish person to be dressed in rags or maybe parade half-naked, like a member of an Amazonian tribal community. My American boyfriend woke me up one day to show me a garbage truck as a way of introducing me to the gifts and wonders of the western civilization....

Still, I don't want anyone to take it as criticism, as I also met many helpful and friendly people. However, generally, I felt totally isolated and lived among people who had no knowledge of Central Europe whatsoever.

I had a work permit, but it was useless, as in most places they would not offer me a job because I didn't have a social security number for some time.

As for the Polish community, I met just a few Polish people there, as far as I can remember the group was too small to form any meaningful community. We are really lucky nowadays to be able to enjoy the benefits of the Internet and get in touch with the people from our native countries living abroad. Good luck!
23 Sep 2015 #28
Jaka szkoda ze wszyscy ktorzy szukaja polakow w Columbus, zapomnieli pisac po polsku, czy napewno szukacie polakow?

Polka z Columbus
johnny reb 49 | 7,321
23 Sep 2015 #29
tak jestem pewien i życie to jeden wielki dół strony.

Please remember that this is the English language forum - however in the 'Po Polsku' section you can write Polish.
Piotr 1969 - | 1
15 Jun 2016 #30
Witam raz jeszcze, bo nie widze mojego wczorajszego wpisu. Kilka miesiecy temu przeprowadzilem sie z Long Island do Loveland Ohio. Milo mi ze jest tutaj troche rodakow. Pozdrawiam.Piotr

prosimy pisac tylko po angielsku

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