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Do many Polish people in America hate Americans?

1 May 2012 #391
Polish people know how to save money because they NEVER USE ANY OF THEIR OWN MONEY! When given the opportunity to stay free of rent they take advantage of it to the fullest and longest as they possibly can. They milk staying free of rent by conveying how poor poland is and their so glad to be giving an opportunity to live in a Richer country so that you can sympathize and feel bad for them. I took a polish guy into my home to give him the opportunity of a better life and to make money. Maybe save some money and eventually move out to his own flat. But for over a month all he did was stay at the flat play video games and sleep. Took no initiative to look for a job seriously. He complains about how hard working at a bread factory is. If I was him I would not be so picky and would opt for the first job I get and save as much money as I can as soon as possible while receiving free room and board. I don't know what type of job he is expecting when he did not graduate from college. He is not painting a positive picture of polish people to me. In fact I'm starting to believe the stereotype that most polish people are lazy!

So before you judge Americans take a look at your own people. Not all American eat fast food. In fact I don't and not all American talk about nothing but money. Maybe Polish people don't talk about money because you guys don't have any?? lol
PennBoy 76 | 2,437
1 May 2012 #392
Did you finish high school? Why don't you look at yourself first before pointing out Polish people, Americans can never take any sort of criticism of their country.. Because they are THE best in everything. Meanwhile European students know a whole lot more about the world and been to more places. (Only 21% of Americans hold a passport) Typical ignorance.
1 May 2012 #393
Have you been to America? IT IS THE BEST COUNTRY TO LIVE IN! I travel a lot I've been to Europe (London) over 4 times each time for months at a time. I've also been to Asia etc... amongst many other places in the world. If you have not been to America don't place judgement on it.

Jersey shore? etc..those reality tv shows? it must be popular since you even know the name of it. You probably watch it as well. America entertainment industry is broadcast all over the world and many people from these country are big fan of America Tv. Just admit it.

The reason why America do everything different from the rest of the world is partly to keep business/money circulating in our country with certain other countries. Do you understand? it is not to be different it is a way to bring money, keep jobs in OUR COUNTRY.
PennBoy 76 | 2,437
1 May 2012 #394
Have you been to America?

Yes I've been living in Philadelphia for 21 years, been to Boston, Chicago, Florida, Detroit etc. Didn't say all Americans but many are ignorant about the world, especially compared to their European counterparts.
1 May 2012 #395
For your information I have finished school and I do quite well for myself. Mind you the schooling system is much harder in America than say for example in Europe country such as London. LOL YOUR A FUCCIN IDIOT. You must be Polish. Maybe you need to go back to school.

And I'm not placing judgement on Polish people. I'm speaking from my OWN PERSONAL experience with one. I was nice enough to take a Polish person in and give him shelter for over months free of rent and board and all he did was sleep, eat for free, took no initiative to look for a job or save money so that he can permanently move here and better his life. And that was the only reason I agreed to take him in. I did not agree remain a host to a lazy parasite that just feeds off of you. At this rate since your people are so lazy to better your life when given an opportunity you might as well go back to your poor country and mediocre lives and quit complaining about how poor your country is and how you wish you had a better opportunity!
1 May 2012 #396
^^^ LMAO, the only idiot is the one who thinks London is a country haha!
1 May 2012 #397
City part of UK country. Eating and typing. This is fun...are you guys are from Poland? don't you guys have jobs to attend to right now during this time of day =)


I love how you just ignore the part about what I said about every Polish individual claiming to have a master degree in something yet works at a grocery store lol. Why is that no tourist visit your country? Maybe because theres nothing to do there!! Poland is a shitting country and everyone knows it. Thats why all your people try to migrate to other countries etc...=P just admit it. You have too much Polish pride. Be a realist. Stop being in denial. We all love our country but I'm a realist there are things about America I dislike and will not defend when others speak of it. But you sir seem to get offended when I only speak the truth about your Poland country.
marcelo 4 | 25
3 Sep 2012 #398
whats the big deal??? why do people im europe hate americans? just cuase we invented the burger and hot dog or wtf?
p3undone 8 | 1,135
3 Sep 2012 #399
marcelo,just like anywhere,you are going to have people who like you and people that don't.
grubas 12 | 1,391
3 Sep 2012 #400
just cuase we invented the burger and hot dog

You didn't.
NorthMancPolak 4 | 648
3 Sep 2012 #401
Lol, look up the word "Frankfurter" and you will have a better idea of the origins of hot dogs. Clue: it was a long time before the good ol' US of A existed :p
grubas 12 | 1,391
3 Sep 2012 #402
they see us as rich

I don't.

but Americans who go to Poland don't call them stupid.

Oh,that's because Americans in America call us stupid.

I think it the Poles in the US can be divided into two groups. The ones here legally, or the Polish-Americans, and all the rest.

You do?I am here legally but I am not Polish American (and I have no intention to become one).
PlasticPole 7 | 2,649
3 Sep 2012 #403
I don't.

I admit we are compared to many in the world but a lot of us do not have money for a luxurious lifestyle full of travel and leisure.
grubas 12 | 1,391
3 Sep 2012 #404
I admit we are compared to many in the world but a lot of us do not have money for a luxurious lifestyle

This is not exactly what I was saying.For some reason vast majority of Americans does not have any cash and to me if you can not come up with some cash at any moment (I mean like within 4 days) you are not rich.Americans do make more than more than Poles but life here is not cheap.As for travelling I can understand them as i just spent 30 hours of my life travelling (door to door) from PL to US and it wasn't much fun frankly.It is not Poland where I can drive to Amsterdam within 11 hours or fly there within 2.
PennBoy 76 | 2,437
3 Sep 2012 #405
For some reason vast majority of Americans does not have any cash and to me if you can not come up with some cash at any moment (I mean like within 4 days) you are not rich.Americans do make more than more than Poles but life here is not cheap.

That's American mentality for a large part of the population, to buy (credit card) then think of how to pay for it, or even if you can afford it. I mostly pay with cash if not the a debit card, if I don't have the money for it I don't buy it, who knows if I wont get laid of next week or what not.
texas 1 | 21
6 Sep 2012 #406
These people don't feel they're owed something. Rather, they believe that they shouldn't be penalized because they don't have a piece of paper.

I'm sorry, but how are they being penalized for not having a piece of paper? The very definition of the term "illegal alien" implies that the government had no hand in them immigrating here. No body forced them to. Nobody asked them to. How are they being "penalized" in a place where they shouldn't be in the first place? I am not trying to be harsh or mean or inhumane; I'm just trying to figure out your logic.
jacobsgold 1 | 1
26 Sep 2012 #407
If you came to the United States and don't like it feel free to leave. If I went to Poland and felt the way some expressed here I would be leaving.I am 3rd generation Polish American so my great grandparents found something they loved about this place. No place is perfect.
ilmc 4 | 136
26 Sep 2012 #408
polish people in american are not the only people who hate america :) just sayin that being said i had america and most of what it stands for but i don't hate all americans i know some nice ones and some not so nice ones. 99% of the americans i know are complete and total morons when it comes to a shred of knowledge about the world including their own country though.
MediaWatch 10 | 945
29 Sep 2012 #409
If you came to the United States and don't like it feel free to leave. If I went to Poland and felt the way some expressed here I would be leaving.I am 3rd generation Polish American so my great grandparents found something they loved about this place. No place is perfect

I agree.

No nation is perfect. There are bad things here if you look for it....but there are a lot of good things too as well.

As a Polish American......America will always be my homeland.
kondzior 12 | 1,196
29 Sep 2012 #410
All you have to do is take a ride through a US city to see the bullshine propoganda (that is if you have actually seen another country in your lifetime to compare with..)

Middle class american suburbs (that aren't under 20 years old...) tend to look like SH!T. Rundown houses.. rundown oldschool wooden telephone poles, roads all foocked up to hell.

I have lived extended periods in both the US (in multiple cities) and europe and the US looks like sh!t. German 'ghettos' can literally (and very often do) look better then middle class america.

When friends visited me they were literally shocked at the conditions there because they too have been brainwashed into thinking that america is the land of milk and honey. Sorry thats only true if you make 100k+ or come from a sh!thole like mexico.

People will prob say: 'My neighborhood looks fine!'. When you grow up in sh!t, sh!t looks like home. Sorry to break it to you but unless you are wealthy or live in a new neighborhood (like many that have been popping up in vegas for instance) chances are you live in a foocking sh!thole (relative to other western industrial nations) oh.. if you live in new england you prob live nice too.. of course thats one of the few paces that isnt batsh!t insane.. and middle class there is higher then the national average ;)

Dont get me started on the (privately foocking owned) infrastructure in this sh!t country..

Anyhwo, it's all posturing. American suburbs have always been pretty much Potemkin villages. They sure as **** can impress your average illegal Mexican and your random Cambodian family, but anyone coming from the good old world can see through it all pretty easy. I would also add only one thing, your average suburban American is in his ears up to debt. These people are severely in over their heads. Now with the housing/real estate bubble popping it is much harder to play up the charade. People getting evicted left and right. I work closely with property managers and you wouldn't believe what the situation is like. Just last week I chatted-up a local electric company representative. He had a list with nearly 40 names & address's printed out. He was there to turn off their power. Now this particular neighborhood has around 160 houses. He was there to turn off power for a FOURTH of the residents. This is a 100% white and protestant suburb (with some Catholic families here and there) and until recently it was considered a rather affluent suburb as well.
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
10 Oct 2012 #411
but anyone coming from the good old world

thats funny , hows your straw house doing? lol

They sure as **** can impress your average illegal Mexican and your random Cambodian family,

I dont think you were in the burbs, I think you were more like in the hood.. lol

if you were in the burbs you wouldnt see nothing but nice cars and well kept homes..
10 Oct 2012 #412
Hey, Pani Patricjo19, this is not pointed toward you, I'm just posting to the thread. haha, what you said is so true.

in my hood (well not my hood but the town where I was born in US) the polaks flock here from their crap-hole existence because they are starving. then they get smuggled in here, and live in the polish ghetto. $200 a month for a room that is shared kitchen with no room for a table, shared bath, referred there by another polak scam artist who is not paying taxes on the rent he collects from illegals.

then they clean houses for $30-$50 a cleaning (can do maybe 2 or 3 per day) and then get a check from the house owner they cleaned for, and can't even cash it. they hook up with a guy working construction illegally in this country who came from some pipidowka in the middle of gdzie diabel mowi dobranoc, and she gets pregnant. she collects food stamps and WIC, while he makes $50 per hour and then when kid comes, she put herself on hospital indigent list (free hospital bill), free food stamps, free milk, free cheese so much per month grocery for the kid and they sell that cheese and milk. Like people are so above everything when they come from Europe? It's a joke to read it, really.

oh, then they go to airport to pick up their friend's daughter who comes to US for visit, and Immigration officer detains them in county jail. they lose immigration hearing and get deported. And they leave US with a new Acura SUV and a Honda 4-door sedan and about $10-$20K in cash if not more when they sell their commercial van, roofing ladders, siding equipment, construction equipment, etc. All their healthcare and hospital bills were paid for by US taxpayers, and that's how they do it. More rights than being US citizen, really.

People getting evicted left and right -- yeah, if you don't pay rent, you get evicted after certain time. If you own a house and don't pay mortgage, same goes (you get foreclosed but in some states that takes 2+ years). You never saw a drunk crashed out on the sofa some place where his drinking buddies live because he has no job and doesn't want to swing a hammer?

However, it's beside me how someone can comment on how crappy it is to live in the US. If it's so bad, why are so many with "kwadratowy jezyk" (or not even able to speak except say, "Yes I come Powlant eeeeeeehhhh Ay here vorking gut layk ya") coming here and staying until someone catches them. Even after, they can't be thrown out of sanctuary city. Oh and they mock the blacks and hispanics here who are legal. This is first-hand account I am giving -- I saw it and my folks live around it. Every day, no end in sight, no regulation, no place to get them deported. criminals afaiac. Still better here than living 4 people in 30m2 cabin in Lochow with dirt floor, without car, and no job on top of it.

Hey, there is no communism in Poland anymore. there is no WW2, there is no Uprising any more (not like when my dad was a kid in Warsaw), no KGB secret police. Nobody gets detained for anti-government resistance flyers and shot in the town square. Freedom, Polaks wanted it -- now start brick by brick. Improve your country instead of coming here in thousands and perpetrating fraud. They wanted Obama because he will give them amnesty and probably a free phone. No more living in the days before Solidarnosc. They went into withdrawal when they got a ration card for enough vodka that lasts for 2 people to have 2 shots on the weekend for a month. And all the canned spam you can eat, if the shelves aren't empty in the grocery store when you get there.

Infrastructure, building, development has been going crazy. Warsaw is getting close to being like the NY skyline. Can't find a job? But can come here and scam in US. They are coming here escaping reality after living off the gov so long. they come here and do it, too. I am embarrassed of it, to be truthful, to make these types of observations of the people who I was raised to believe were exceptional and diligent civilization.

Why are they coming to a relatively safe sanctuary city and hiding their identity including not even able to get cable or phone service without ID? At least they don't have to live in the room next door to the goats and sheep like when they lived in the pipidowka out in the countryside. They scam the system like anyone. people posting on this topic peer down their exceptional kulfony and are critical of the suburbs (built by Americans), after this country took care of them well. If all the illegals got together in their own organizations and improved their own countries, instead of coming here and spitting on this one and not paying taxes for what they earn like they are supposed to, their country would be better off.
Rysavy 10 | 308
11 Oct 2012 #413
Wow, as I was dithering and lurking; this thread sure took a turn!

I 'm an opinionated cuss myself ..but no need to get so mean and personal.

Though I have met very few former native Polish here in US (I must live in places that dont interest them?), I have met a plethora of people...and quite a few illegals as well. Though I've seen some use the system (and big fat momma from Okie town don't?), in general I have only seen a widespread use of the system by latinos and Armenians. Mostly Mexicans.

Regardless of that , I must say to OP; I have -as a fairly white looking rehead American with Southern accent- met very few new arrived/1st generaton "foriegn" people living in US that "Hate" Americans.

Many cultures regard us spoiled and lazy. They are not wholly incorrect. But they are usually the ones cringing in expectation of me saying something terrible because my sterotype acccent.

Horrible suburbs? are just neighborhoods about to become ghettos. The real Estate booms that hit in 80s ( i was home in AZ during the Keating 5) and then again in the Bailouts left ghosttowns that were not maintained and brought down rest of the area. But most suburbs I know still look nice even being 30-40 years old.

(I admit that the Valley in LA, Geary Ave in SF, Virgina Beach, VA; Phoenix/Mesa AZ; and Oly , WA are the only large Cities that Ive lived in Suburbs instead of on post. Most areas I've lived were Military Compounds and Rural suburbs. But I've only seen that kind of hellhole in mostly abandoned hoods or places where govt did sudden relocate of the not best representatives of some countries en mass)

The few Polish I have met that were able to communicate enough, were pessimistic, introverted dry weisenhiemers that got totally bombed when partying. But Hate American's? Nope. Goes for most transplants I've met incl illegal : Laotions, Vietamese, Mexicans, Dominicans, Russians, Armenians and one surly canuck (whhhyyyy? lol. He stayed in Phx and worked undertable. too surly to get along with other canadians?*snerk*). Goes for military spouses from other places.

All I ever got in a consensus is our food sucks and is bad for you. >_<

I sure don't want to live where these people posting have lived. P|0x- give locations to avoid-Thx!

Okay I lie..! That one location sounded interesting! most I made as a general contractor was 21/hr. That company went under when owner's wife got cancer. I went Army. But whatever state that is ; warszawianka ? I want to work where I make 50/hr under table!! !! Me! Me..pick me! I do drywall, plumbing, plasterwork, brickwork, stonework, framing and carpet. I also do tile work, including pool as well as roofing including slate tile when I was licensed. I never got trained or wanted electrical or AC work. I can operate heavy equip(thx uncle sam). I read blueprints, can mix concrete. I also can weld wrought iron. I can pretend to know bad english..I'l speak enough pidgin basque or tsalagi. I 'll dye my hair dark and be their big dumb indian the whole building season for 50/hr tax free!

And those easy benefits! My youngest is disabled and I have to fight and prove Im not rich overnight nor him cured EVERY 3 months. Though mostly Boheme, I have "Hispanic" and 1/8 "Native American", I'm female. Over 40 AND a 10%disabled VETERAN. I'm the token EVERYTHING! I get? NADA In NC/AZ and FL this applied. It must be same trick those hoodrats in designer gear with bling and iphones use in SW US.

Man, I should get EVERYTHING in that state! ;p

Do I HAVE to be pregnant? *sigh* I'll take the job first. Concrete work I did undertable in AZ only paid about 10/hr in 2009.

Hey seriously-they pay 50/hr under table_Im looking for shithole apt in that zone like yesterday! And I'll hire one of those girls you mention, that has children that look wellfed and clean to watch my kid. She can be like my wife on loan.

I am soon going to stay with my mom and work at the axle plant for far less to catch up my finance a little and get savings back up. I'll be making 11/hr after probation as "temp".
4 eigner 2 | 831
11 Oct 2012 #414
polish people in american are not the only people who hate america :) just sayin that being said i had america and most of what it stands for

Are you sure you were born in Canada?
ilmc 4 | 136
11 Oct 2012 #415
yes ... well unless my birth certificate was a forgery by my parents...

most of the canadians i know hate the american way of life and... american attitudes but dont really hate americans personally ... some dont care either way ... no one i know anyways is really gung ho i love the states best country ever.. not up here... mostly we just dont care. A lot of americans are nice enough people just like anywhere else good and bad but i dont like the way the country is run. i can say that for a lot of countries just because you dont agree with the economic make up or political system of a country doesnt mean you hate all the people in it that is where people just keep getting confused.
4 eigner 2 | 831
11 Oct 2012 #416
well unless my birth certificate was a forgery

are you a French Canadian?
ilmc 4 | 136
11 Oct 2012 #417
ummm ... i llive in saskatchewan now.. i am an everything canadian my father is acadian french my mothers parents were irish i was born in nova scotia lived there till i was three ... grew up in northern ontario went to college in toronto then in montreal moved to saskatchewan a couple months ago... so if by french canadian you mean quebecois no if you mean by language yes i grew up speaking both languages i self identify as a canadian not a french or english canadian
p3undone 8 | 1,135
11 Oct 2012 #418
ilmc,I can agree with that,but the confusion comes out of the generalizations about Americans.
4 eigner 2 | 831
11 Oct 2012 #419
the confusion comes out of the generalizations about Americans

I've met many Canadians (French Canadian too) and some of them became my friends but none of them talks about us like she does and then some of her expressions don't sound English at all. Very confusing, indeed.
ilmc 4 | 136
11 Oct 2012 #420
we all generalize, i would hope in todays day and age no one is ignorant enough to assume all people in every country are exactly the same. Then again maybe i am hoping too much. I will state again as i have stated time and time again i do not hate every american i don't even know ever american and thus cant have an opinion on every american. I have met a number of americans some i liked some i did not ... my dislike has nothing to do with individual people just the country as a whole does nothing for me. I have meet a lot of ( not a lot not all) pushy arrogant americans who think the sun shines out of their countries ass and they are the best thing in the world just because they are an american that attitude i dislike. I am Canadian i love my country but i am well aware it has it's issues as well as it's great points, as do all countries. Most americans ( again most) are either completley blind to any issues or refuse to acknowledge them and usually resort to ya well if there was a war between us we would kick ur butt... i mean really. When i said it is not only polish people in america that hate americans i was simply stating there is a lot of negativity coming at americans from all corners of the world they arent as well liked as maybe they once were so is american the greatest country in the world no... not anymore.

4 eigner...
stop trying to generalize french canadian vs english canadian... my experiences are neither french nor english simply just .. mine and have nothing to do with my language. There are canadians who identify as french canadian some who identify as english canadian and then most of them just identify as canadian yes even in quebec (depending where) I dont speak about americans any particular way as a whole.. I have had many bad experiences with americans and i have never met another canadian in all my love that loves the usa and everything about it... like i said most dont give a hoot.

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