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Do many Polish people in America hate Americans?

NorthMancPolak 4 | 648
25 Jun 2010 #332
I don't think even Americans have.. 2000s - to present: American music is dogsh;t now. It's really sad. I'm not sure kids have the work ethic it takes to grind it out in a studio until you create something magic.

I can't even remember the last American music I bought. Probably the second Machine Head or Deftones albums. That must have been in about 1997-98, I think. They both went crap fairly soon after that.
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
25 Jun 2010 #333
I can't even remember the last American music I bought

I never buy, I borrow./copy :D and mine was the Pixies..
Wroclaw 44 | 5,386
25 Jun 2010 #334
I have one word for you all:

i have five

please get back on topic
MediaWatch 10 | 945
25 Jun 2010 #335
Are you from Poland?

I was born in the US.

Why do you ask?
Hamika - | 3
1 Jul 2010 #336
lol I'm not an immigrant, and I still agree with your girlfriend.
This countries culture at present evolves too heavily around unhealthy convenience and blind consumerism for consumerism's sake. Our nation's consumerism is a very large part in why we're in an economic crisis. Many people tend to spend money they don't even have.

And, there's quite a bit more wrong with our society than that.
You know I've met men who have it so backwards that a beautiful girl great for the mother and wife role is viewed by them as something to pass by prefering an easy girl with fake beauty and a big paycheck? How sick is that? American greed and materialism is way out of hand.
sledz 23 | 2,250
1 Jul 2010 #337

A site for American/Polish some of its funny, mostly all
24 Dec 2010 #338
In my own experience which includes 8-years in a Polish-Catholic school/church and later on in life becoming a member of the Polish-American club I can only say this is the silliest thing I have ever heard. Growing up among poles who spoke little English at first I can say they had to tough it out but I never heard complaints from Poles against other groups as was very common in the 40's and 50's. "Dumb Polack" jokes were everywhere but like other immigrant groups at the time America was a dream and they were going to make the most of it. I am part Irish and I remember hearing of newspaper ads that said "No Irish need Apply." In short, your girlfriend is entitled to her opinion; however, my opinion is that you are being misled!! There are, of course, good and bad in any group (think of what average Italians went through then add black people and other minority groups). Thank God those days are mostly gone but hate and ridicule towards people who are different in color or speech does live on in some people.
17 May 2011 #339
It is not just polish people almost every other country in the world things that about America and it is true what they think. Everything sucks in the US and they thing just because they are the superpower they are better. I think America is a shitwhole, with a lot of disgusting ignorant people and tasteless food. Why we don't go back is, because we were making a wrong decision and are stuck, but we still hate it and I am not Polish and I can tell you that almost every European thinks that about America.
17 May 2011 #340
Hey if the polish people don't like America or Americans then why not leave and go back to Poland?

My mothers side is Polish but I do not speak Polish, was never taught it, unfortunately.

I personally can't stand America and most Americans. They are arrogant and stupid, easily manipulated by mainstream medias lies. Many Americans think we need to be the worlds police but they can't (won't) even raise their own children not to be little brats.

If I had dual citizenship I would have left the USA a loooong time ago.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,858
18 May 2011 #341
If I had dual citizenship I would have left the USA a loooong time ago.

Why do you need dual citizenship?

It is trivial for Americans to obtain residence rights in many EU countries.
ItsAllAboutME 3 | 270
18 May 2011 #342
Polish people complain about everything and everybody. They complain about America, they complain about the UK, France, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, and the rest of the Europe. Look at all the other threads - whine, whine, whine... Even the threads that start on a positive note (Polish accomplishments) end up in a b*tch session about other nations. I don't think there's a topic they wouldn't complain about. You take away their potato, they b*tch; give them a potato, they b*tch some more that it's too small and not like the one they had before. They complain about their own country and their government (that they voted for), they leave, and they set up "Little Polands" all over the place, stick together, and b*tch that nothing's like it was back in Poland. The average Pole is chronically unhappy, stubborn, argumentative and continuously whining.

Perhaps it's time to realize that other nations are not going to adjust to Polish mentality, so something's gotta give. I'd say if someone doesn't like it here, they're free to leave. So far, more people are coming in than leaving. Something tells me this is not the worst place to live.
PennBoy 76 | 2,437
18 May 2011 #343
Ive heard that some of the best jazz bars in the world are in the maybe Amercia "owns" just a little bit..oh, hang on a minute, rock 'n' roll, didnt that all start there? Oh, hang on "blues"...flaming Nora..It just might be, that America are quite good at music too...Oh feck it, they have Country & Western too! Long live Kenny!

Lol @ English being good in music.

America always had great music (crap too) but great music as well, and so did the Brits (great rock bands)
sledz 23 | 2,250
18 May 2011 #344
I can tell you that almost every European thinks that about America.

I can tell you that most Americans dont even think about Europe nor even care about it, unlike the obsessed Europeans who wake up every day and post such stupid nonsense.

Hey if the polish people don't like America or Americans then why not leave and go back to Poland?

First of all, there are not enough Am/Pols on this forum to even make a fair assessment.
Secondly, I cant recall ever meeting a Pole in the US that wanted to move back to Poland, and I know plenty of them:)

The only Anti-American crap I hear is on this forum from(JEs) Jealous Europeans, plus a few American whacko`s that have nothing better to do with their time.

Furthermore, I believe Poland is a great counrty as well, thats because I dont believe that the Poles on this forum truly really represent Poland at all! Its mostly just the angry ones that hang out on the internet all day.

Ive found Polish people in the US generally kind, fun loving people with good family values. And never hear them bashing, they love it here!!

America always had great music (crap too) but great music as well, and so did the Brits (great rock bands)

I agree as well, they both make or should I say made great Music,,,,lol

We have to take the blame for Rap though,,,sorry world, stop buying that $$it!
guesswho 4 | 1,289
18 May 2011 #345
We have to take the blame for Rap though,,,sorry world, stop buying that $$it!

yep, so true. We went down from one of the best music in the world to a "ghetto trash".
sledz 23 | 2,250
18 May 2011 #346
Awww, does that mean I shouldnt buy you a gold tooth grill for x-mas, how about a pair of pants that hangs half way down your ass,,lol
guesswho 4 | 1,289
18 May 2011 #347
how about a pair of pants that hangs half way down your ass,,lol

sounds like a plan, lol
Pinching Pete - | 558
18 May 2011 #348
I think America is a shitwhole, with a lot of disgusting ignorant people and tasteless food. Why we don't go back is, because we were making a wrong decision and are stuck, but we still hate it and I am not Polish and I can tell you that almost every European thinks that about America.

Okay, here's the typical European bullsh.t we see on here daily. "Oh the place sucks, the food sucks, it's a complete non culture sh.ithole." OKAY, PERFECTLY FINE.. SO WHEN ARE YOU LEAVING.??? Oh no , we can't leave we're stuck.. HAHAHAHAHAHAAH. What a damn joke!!

You are an amazing ASS WIPE! I wish sincerely my "disgusting, ignorant" self could find you and literally kick your pompous candy ass. GO .. TO.. HELL. You ridiculous mooching, white n.igger , clown!
guesswho 4 | 1,289
18 May 2011 #349
white n.igger

did you mean "wigger", lol
Pinching Pete - | 558
18 May 2011 #350
No I did not mean that , sir. I dropped the N bomb for a reason and if it get me suspended so be it. Only ni.ggers take and take and THEN COMPLAIN ALL DAMN DAY!!!
guesswho 4 | 1,289
18 May 2011 #351
No I did not mean that , sir.

OK Ma'am, I didn't mean to correct you. Sorry if you took it that way. :-)
18 May 2011 #352
It is not that we "hate" americans, hate is a strong word. It is just we are perplexed by bizarre american traditions and customs that are different from ours and from catholic church teachings, since Poland is mostly catholic. Polish people don't trust Americans because Americans (some, not all) think they are superior to other cultures especially eastern europeans and Polish people. Some also look down on Poles and think we are below them because we have less money and our country less powerful. Americans also make jokes sometimes about Poles and have many stereotypes about us.
cheesymac 4 | 61
18 May 2011 #353
Americans' will be Americans... there forefathers came from jails and slums... they feel lesser then some countries and when they feel more... patriotically, stumbling on words, ideals, thoughts... even though they shouldn't they might... they do kick a person when it already is down... lack of empathy ?
Pinching Pete - | 558
18 May 2011 #354
Americans' will be Americans... there forefathers came from jails and slums

Yes because some "Lord" aristocrat European put them in said slums and jails.. paid them measley wages, made them destitute.. merely because they weren't born into some caste basically. This was Europe long before the new socialist order that it is now. It's sad you don't realize this really. And actually strange given how smart you people always trumpet yourselves as being.
sledz 23 | 2,250
18 May 2011 #355
SO WHEN ARE YOU LEAVING.??? Oh no , we can't leave we're stuck.. HAHAHAHAHAHAAH. What a damn joke!!

Yeah, thats a good one for sure,,,,ROFTL!!

What a crock of $hit, probably another Illegal that cant get papers,,,Hahaha!
PennBoy 76 | 2,437
19 May 2011 #356
I agree as well, they both make or should I say made great Music,,,,lol

We have to take the blame for Rap though,,,sorry world, stop buying that $$it!

We went down from one of the best music in the world to a "ghetto trash".

Yea it's this rap garbage, I don't mind some R & B but this "holla at cha boy" just makes people dumber.
2 Jun 2011 #357
funnily enough, that's what the slang streetwise English call the Polish..........

ching, white n.igger , clow

Pinching Pete - | 558
2 Jun 2011 #358
streetwise english call the Polish..........

It wasn't directed at anyone Polish.. it was directed at a certain European mindset towards the US.
12 Sep 2011 #359
Some Americans choose to spend their money and their vacation time in the United States. One of the reasons, now, is because they feel safer, and do not have to go through so much, (passport, security, layovers, etc.) when they travel from one state to another.

America has changed a great deal since its inception. At the beginning, each state was more like a little country, but that changed a lot with the Civil War, and the slavery issue. However, in school (through high school) American students do not learn a lot about the other 49 states; only a little. In my high school in California, we had a California history class, but there was not any other state's history.

This is a very big country, with a lot of things to see. There is also a lot of history here; no, not just the two hundred plus of the United States, but the history before we became the United States. The Spanish were exploring here in the 1500s, and then of course there's the history of the native Americans. So Americans often like to explore their own country's historical places, visit Wash. D.C., and see the natural wonders and national parks, and contribute to those working here. After all, a lot of our jobs have been shipped out of the country, thanks to our elected officials, and the jobs that have not been shipped out, many are taken by immigrants who have come to our country. Personally, I am glad to have legal immigrants here, because we have foolishly lowered our own population (another story), but I am not happy about illegal immigrants working here. (Remember I said, "personally," so don't throw arguments at me about that; I know some answers for those.)

Also, in America, often adult children with young families live a long way from their parents, and when they have the time and money, they travel and spend time with their family in another state, or get together for family reunions.

When I was a child (up until I was 18), my family only went on 4 vacations; one was a four day trip that included Yosemite and San Francisco, before returning home to Pasadena, CA, and the other three were from CA to VA or FL to see grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

If you know of a nation, who as a people in general, through thousands of charitable organizations, gives more money to foreigners than Americans do, please let me know. I say this, because again, it's not always that Americans don't want to visit other countries, but they have some sense of pride (surprise) about learning more about their own country, and spreading a little vacation money to fellow Americans.

My husband is from Poland (Wroclaw). I have known him since fall 1999, and I have been to Poland with him six times. But just traveling to Poland has not helped me to appreciate the Polish culture, nearly so much, as learning history about Poland, and especially their modern history. So I love Poland, and I think the people are great, because I understand something of where they came from, and what they have been through.

I have also visited several other countries, and I lived in Japan for over three years; that's how I ended up with a sister-in-law from Osaka! I have found people in all these places to be very nice, because in every country there are good people who want to be at peace with their neighbors everywhere.

Lazy Americans? There are always some, but my husband says that most Polish people do not know how hard Americans work, and that because Poland was under the communist system for so long, many Polish people do not work hard; not all, because I have seen his family work hard, but some, because they simply took advantage of the system, just like some Americans do here.
calliegal235 - | 1
12 Sep 2011 #360
"You look from an American point of view (consumption = religion). What I meant - (not looking at the natural beauty) - what you can see and experience in Florida is the same in California, what is in Chicago is the same in New York - all the same people, buildings, MacDonalds, roads, police, pubs, motels, newspapers, food. "

Wo-No! HaHa! Not all the same! Chicago has the largest population of Poles outside of Poland! No other city in America
can claim that!
I've never been to New York, but I can tell you, it's a bit of a different culture; we don't even have the same sense of humor!

And I remember Tony Randall (actor) who lived in New York, and he said he hated L.A.! Why? Still think they are all the same?

Some of those New Englanders, like Maine, they think all the rest of us are outsiders!
Baltimore City is two thirds black; at my high school there was only one black person, he was staying with a white family
in my neighborhood, and he wasn't there for all four years. My mom, from the Appalachian Mountains, never saw a black
person until she moved away from her city!
I ventured to say, some people in the north and even northwest have no idea what grits are, and even if we all eat cream of wheat, there's a predominant section of the country where is is typically served with salt and butter, and the others eat it

with milk and sugar.
When my mom's six sisters met at their mom's home a few years ago, two of them walked in, at different times, yet both said, they wanted green beans and cornbread! You think that's what they eat in Alaska, where one of those sisters has lived for over 30 years? HaHaHa!

My sister-in-law from Osaka, lived and went to school within a large Japanese culture in San Francisco. She was so disappointed when she move south of L.A. and found she couldn't rely on public transportation to get around like she did in S.F.

It depends on what you make of your vacation. My parents were nearly horrified when they went to Hawaii with friends who only wanted to eat at McDs! My folks wanted to eat at the local restaurants!

I never tasted Key Lime Pie until I went to visit my uncle and aunt in Florida. Key Limes don't grow in CA and we didn't have that

kind of pie!
But I have eaten at several McD in Poland. There was a difference; we were required to pay for each ketchup packet, in at least one McDs. I ate at McD's in Japan too, so that part is not so different anywhere in the world, true.

Oh my gosh what a difference in the weather between coastal California and Florida, or Maryland, or even central California,
where the summer heat is trapped in the San Jauquin Valley. In Fresno, if you have errands to do in the summer, better do them very early, because by 8 am it will be 80 degrees, and the temps will be over 100 about 20 days out of the summer if not more.

My sister-in-law, in adjacent Clovis, explained that having a pool and using it was a way of life there because of the hot summers. I learned never to go anywhere without plenty of water, whether for my car or myself and my kids!

I know, it's not like being in a completely different culture, but when you travel, you are not living the culture like the natives; just visiting.

What's more, if you're American I would not travel in Europe any more.. unless it's strictly business. You know instantly you're not liked and it's also very expensive there now. Go to the Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii... (possibly Ireland or Italy but that's all in Europe). You'll be targetted if you go other places including Poland and it won't mean a damn if your last name ends in 'ski.

as previously posted...
What are you talking about? Wow! My husband, from Poland, tells me that Polish people love Americans! I feel perfectly safe in Poland! It's a great place for Americans to travel.

You sound like a person whose thinking was very much formed by modern propaganda, from somewhere; I don't know where! But not like someone who knows much history of Poland and the U.S. Our two countries are so tied together by history. Do you know what a hero General Thaddeus Kosciuszko and General Polaski are in the United States? Baltimore has a statue of Gen Polaski at a big park in the city, and Wash. D.C. has a statue of Gen Kosciuszko. I admire these generals. About Gen. Kosciuszko, Thomas Jefferson said that there was no truer son of liberty; they were close friends.

The U.S. was the first country to have a constitution, but Poland was the second; in the world! I don't like it when ignorant people critizize Poland for the WW II, over which they could have done what? But they don't know the Italian National anthem has a verse in which they praise the Polish fighters who died with them. Nor do the ignorant ones know how Poland saved western Europe from the invaders during the middle ages! Because of Poland, Europe is a very different place than it would have been without the Polish vanguards. I am an American; I was born in Virginia, and some of my family goes back to the 1600s in Virginia, but I learned to remember the Polish flag is white on top, by thinking of their devotion to God, and red on the bottom, by thinking how much red blood they have shed for freedom.

OOPS! I may have veered off topic! So, someone tell me again, why do ANY Polish people in America hate Americans? Have those Polish people forgotten, or never known (because my husband is ashamed how little Polish history he knew - not his fault being educated by communist Russians!) --their own struggle and history regarding freedom?

What do you know about shareholders? My dad, who couldn't go to college, helped build a small company, which employeed over 100 people when he retired. He doesn't get a pension from that. He sold his stock, and invested it, to have money to live on for his retirement. He will be 84 this year. He had $30K invested with....GM! You think he'll ever see that? He understands risk; he has some investments which have more risk than others, but what Prez Obama did was outside his constitutional authority. Even if the company goes bankrupt, whatever they have, any assets, land, scrap metal, legally belongs to the stockholders; they take the risks, no one else. Do you have any idea how many of our older citizens depend on those investments, or have pensions tied to those investments (even if they don't know it????) I don't like it when people slam stockholders; stockholders are just regular moms and pops trying to live out their retirement years without having to be a drain on the rest of the population; after all, they were never a drain on the rest while they worked and saved, and didn't live on credit. I feel sick when I hear Obama admins talk about how GM is doing well, and paying back the taxpayers! Give me a break! First, their fellow Americans paid for the GM product (car) and the price was supposed to cover the cost of production and the employees' benefits. Now the American taxpayer (who pays for everything in the world sooner or later!) if really paying for those cars they bought....again! But with my dad, he is paying even more, because he was a stockholder and he's still a taxpayer.

What do you mean by legalised?

Not to be racial or anything, but the Germans tried to MURDER the Poles during WWII didn't they? That's actually the reason my mom's family came over here to America, before Adolf Hitler released his wrath on the Poles. But I think most of the Germans were probably good people, I mean, they were probably just following Hitler's orders so that he didn't go crazy and kill their family too!

Hi, Many German people did not support Hitler and his ideas. The Lutheran Pastor, Bonhoeffer, had left Germany, and was
safe in the U.S. when against the advice of friends, he chose to return to Germany. He refused to repeat Hitler's propaganda,
as he was instructed, to his congregation, so the NAZIS (let's not foret, National Socialist German Workers Party) arrested him.
Four days before the Allied troops entered the city where Bonhoeffer was in prison for a long time, the NAZIs hung him.
In America, I figure at least half of us must be "stupid" or terribly uninformed, because our national elections are usually won by very small margins, i.e., we are usually split about 49 to 51 in the percentages.

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