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Paczki.. Doughnuts.. in Wisconsin

Kasmiski 1 | 6
17 Jan 2013 #1
I work in a bakery in central Wisconsin. Right around Fat Tuesday we start getting in Pączki, frozen and pre made, bleh. Haven't tried them for that reason. So, I've tried doing some research and have had much luck. Anyone either know where I can get them, fresh, somewhere near my area, or any "easy" recipes. Also, we have limited fillings they send us. Any suggestions, for myself and maybe to help bring in a little extra dough (lol), for our bakery? Thank you all in advance!
OP Kasmiski 1 | 6
17 Jan 2013 #3
:) ah, thank you much!
PolishTVCompany - | 14
1 Feb 2013 #4
Fat Tuesday! Who deosn't love this day? Definitely better when just made and fresh! Enjoy the recipe!
jkb - | 198
2 Feb 2013 #5
Fat Tuesday and Fat Thursday. Delicious :)
PolishTVCompany - | 14
5 Feb 2013 #6
I'm sorry, Fat Thursday "Tlusty Czwartek" Yum! Two more days! :)
nasadki - | 43
5 Feb 2013 #7
They are all over the place where I live already. Even Wal-Mart has started selling Paczki, I'd never buy it from them though.
jkb - | 198
6 Feb 2013 #8
Ultra Foods has good pączki, so does Meijer :)

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