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Oscypek in Los Angeles?

12 Oct 2016 #1
Where can I get oszczypek in Los Angeles? Preferably imported from Poland, but I suppose if there's no other alternative, one made in the US would work too.
Jacus_UK - | 4
14 Oct 2016 #2
Hi losangelino, if you want i can send for you original Oscypek Tatra Mountains region of Poland, one of my friends brought me to UK few days ago, from Poland. Regards, Jacek.
14 Oct 2016 #3
imported from Poland

You will not be able to get Oscypek from Poland as it's importation is banned by the FDA. It is made from unpasteurized sheep's milk and FDA regulations do not allow raw milk products to be imported or sold if less than 60 days old.

i can send for you original Oscypek

You would have to declare what you are sending through the post, and as it is banned, it will likely be opened and destroyed.
Jacus_UK - | 4
14 Oct 2016 #4
Come on man, Oscypek is not cocaine :))
Looker - | 1,134
14 Oct 2016 #5
Yeah, but tell this to the US customs officer at the border :P
I was in similar situation before..
Jacus_UK - | 4
14 Oct 2016 #6
Yeah, US custom officer are like a roobots with 5% battery charge... :)
15 Oct 2016 #7
Oscypek is not cocaine :))

I know, but from the point of view of the FDA and customs officers, it may as well be ;)
Dreamergirl 4 | 273
15 Oct 2016 #8
God I'd love to try this cheese but I can't cos of the baby 👶🏽
OP losangelino
12 Dec 2016 #9
Actually, I have brought in oszczypek into the US. And yes, I did declare it. No one blinked an eye. Maybe it was pasturized, but it was hermetically factory-sealed, so maybe that's why they allowed me to bring it in.
OP losangelino
12 Dec 2016 #10
Jacus_UK - That's very kind and generous of you, but I wouldn't want to risk your oscypek. :)

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