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Looking for a Polish Notary in South Florida

4 Mar 2014 #1
Sorry if this is the wrong place for this.

Anyone know of a reputable notary fluent in Polish in South Florida?

Tipsy toe
4 Mar 2014 #2
Incase it helps i know one in NJ he is polishand speak polish and notary and runs LUSIAS POLISH DELI in tomsriver,Nj his name is jerzy number is (732) 244-8484,if any help give him a call.
OP pytanie
4 Mar 2014 #3
thanks for the quick reply, I dont mind in another place.

IF anyone knows someone in florida though that would be perfect, thanks.
Zazulka 3 | 129
4 Mar 2014 #4
Not really south, but my sister got some documents notarized by an office in Clearwater. They are pretty good

Polish Biuro Prawne, Inc
2474 Sunset Point Rd
Clearwater, FL33765
Phone: (727) 686-5519
4 Mar 2014 #5
great, thanks.
OP pytanie
4 Mar 2014 #6
by the way, would you know how much they charge?
I'll probably call later this week but thought I'd ask before hand
Not - ary
13 Jul 2014 #7
Do you expect these documents to be presented in Poland as done by Polish notary ?

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