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New to the VA area (Looking to meet the Polish community)

Angelinka 1 | 2
20 Apr 2012 #1
Looking to meet the polish community. Im from New York and theres a large polish community at home. Ive been in VA for about a year. I miss having a polish community. Hope to meet new people here :)
beckski 12 | 1,617
20 Apr 2012 #2
Welcome to the forum Angelinka. There's a few PF members here from VA.
20 Apr 2012 #3

D'you know Maspeth, Queens or Greenpoint, Bkly'n? There are some nice Polish stores on Manhattan Avenue, including bookstores. Sadly though, the Nowy Dziennik up and moved to Garfield, NJ to escape the high rents, leaviing the rest of us here stranded and searching for a decent Polish bookstore in Manhattan.My favorite haunt used to be "Pijalnia wódki" (Dining Bar Vodka).
OP Angelinka 1 | 2
21 Apr 2012 #4
Yes ive been to greenpoint many times. I lived in NY my whole life. A year ago I moved to Virginia and I dont know any polish people around norfolk. I miss NY.
21 Apr 2012 #5
Greenpoint ("Grrriinpojnt" as many Poles pronounce itLOL) used to be even more Polish in character than it is now. Once full of Communist-Era, dumpy-looking , yet spotless, greasy spoons, both delicious plus very reasonably priced, nowadays they've been long taken over by trendy, low quality yet upscale joints, featuring "bouncers" rather than the greeter of yore, poor-quality food/drink and little that is "Polish" any more other than the name which the new owners were too lazy to get rid of:-)

A sad state of affairs, especially when I think back to as late as the late 90's. But as Poland become the Slavic Tiger, young folks moved back, older folks stayed behind or moved to Florida.

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