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Moving to Krakow from Canada-questions; the best way to ship my things / clothes prices

Idler 1 | -
5 May 2013 #1
Hi there, I'm going to be moving to Krakow near the end of August from Canada. Before I arrive in Poland, I will be backpacking parts of Europe. I was wondering what would be the best way to ship my things. I'm only going to be bringing clothes/shoes/laptop/, it would have been the best if I just take my bag with me, but it will be a hassle to backpack with a luggage.

Would it be better to just leave things as is, and buy it all new from Poland? How expensive are the clothes in Krakow in comparison to Canada? I'm not a flashy dresser (no designer brands), I do like slim fitting clothing though. Also, how expensive are electronics there as well? I have to buy a new laptop anyways, is it cheaper to buy it Poland or Canada?

Maciekk - | 5
7 May 2013 #2
You can compare prices in Canada to Poland via internet

For example : (electronics) (electronics)

Use google chrome which translate from polish to English and vice versa too :)

Greetings :)
newpip - | 140
7 May 2013 #3
laptop is cheaper in Canada but then you can only watch a few dvd's on it before the region locks itself. More importantly the operations will all be done in Polish- if you are not bilingual it is useless. H and M is pretty cheap and many other decent Scandinavian brands. You can find cheap stuff here if you know where to look.
28 Oct 2013 #4
what part of canada? I will be moving from vancouver :) shoot me an email at emilysurowka@gmail and tell me how it is going

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