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Lost Polish Passport--How To Obtain In The US?

5 Jan 2012 #1
So, we have a host student in our high school. He lost his passport, visa, and I-94 (Arrival/Departure) forms. He is in the U.S. He needs to return to Poland before the end of June 2012.

We have copies of these forms, however, but they are not official copies.

We need to get him a Passport, in the very least. From our understanding, he can make it back to Poland (as well as remain in the U.S.) without his Visa for now. We do believe we need to get him new I-94 forms, though.

For the I-94 forms, we found this website. ?vgnextoid=e5d95d4c6608e010VgnVCM1000000ecd190aRCRD&vgnextchannel=db02 9c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1RCRD

Therefore, is this correct? Do we go to New York (which is the closest embassy to us) and pay the $330 and fill out the form? Is it at all possible for us to go to the Boston Consulate, as it is closer?

And what do we do about getting him his Polish Passport? We know for a Visa, he must go to Poland, however clearly he cannot do that to get his Passport. Where do we go, how much does it cost, and does anyone have any suggestions for this?


I would appreciate responses here, or to my email: cryingpatella@gmail
pgtx 30 | 3,156
5 Jan 2012 #2
You have to contact the Polish embassy/consulate and the USCIS.
patrick 6 | 113
5 Jan 2012 #3
Speaking from experience in dealing with embassies and especially Polish ones, you need to get rock-solid information about what it is you need before you take any trips to any embassies. If you talk to anyone, get names, phone numbers, and document all contact that you have with them. Polish government offices are notorious for giving misinformation or that the information is simply open to the interpretation of the person you are dealing with on that particular day. You can also expect some ridiculous requirements. We are about to renew our five-year-old daughter's Polish passport in Saudi Arabia and I'm expecting nothing short of a hair-pulling-out experience. Good luck
sa11y 5 | 331
5 Jan 2012 #4
you need to get rock-solid information about what it is you need before you take any trips to any embassies

If he only needs to go back to Poland (from where he can re-apply for his passport and visa) - he only needs temporary travel document as Zman mentioned. This is only valid for travel back to Poland, as no other country will allow him in on this document. Once within Shengen he can travel on "Dowod Osobisty".

He may need to show proof of reporting the stolen passport to the Police in order to obtain the clearance letter to travel - I don't think he needs to cry :)
patrick 6 | 113
5 Jan 2012 #5
I'm just saying that when dealing with embassies, you need to be careful. What one consular officer says one day may not jibe with another on the next day.
20 Sep 2015 #6
Get the report it has his passport details
24 Apr 2018 #7
I lost my original polish passport with my j1 visa, got married 2 years ago and wanted to work on becoming a citizen of USA but can't work on any legal paperwork without my original documents.

What is my option?
Joker 2 | 1,730
24 Apr 2018 #8
You have to go a Polish Embassy and apply for a new passport before you can do anything.

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