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I live in the US and changed my name. I need Polish passport (the old one expired).

agnieszka_o_s 1 | -
23 Feb 2011 #1
Hello! I live in the US and my polish passport is expired... and my name has changed. I've tried calling the consulate without luck. I sent an email (bounced back). What now? Are there any attorneys that can help out? I don't want to fly to Chicago to find out that I'm missing some document or a translation or something or some other silliness. My free time is rather limited. Can anyone help?? How do I get a new polish passport??
Marek11111 9 | 808
23 Feb 2011 #2
Poland has a consulate in L.A. ant all of them are on web, wen I got my passport renewed i had to sent it with a $100, it was not a problem just look on web to find out how.
Malina11 - | 3
15 Mar 2011 #3
Hi Agnieszka,

When did your passport expire? And when was it issued? You may find - as many persons have - that you need to confirm your Polish Citizenship first before you can apply for a new passport.

Also, if your name changed due to marriage you may need to register your Marriage Certificate in Poland first.

I also know that Poland introduced biometric passports and for that reason applications need to be lodged in person. Sounds like a lot to do but it is all doable.

Good luck!
7 Apr 2017 #4
I have a similar situation. My Polish passport expired in 1976. I have American passport (I married an American and that is how I became permanent resident and then citizen in the US). I traveled to Poland several times on American passport. Now I'm thinking about reactivating my polish passport. The woman in Polish Consulate in Los Angeles asked me "czy ja sie zrzeklam polskiego obywatelstwa". Well, I never resigned from polish citizenship, simply my Polish passport expired and despite my efforts I was unable to extend it (Polish Consulate in Chicago refused to do so and I was directed to go back to Poland). At the time I worked at the University of Warsaw and my job at the University was cancelled when I did not go back in time. I was at US on J-1 visa.

What to do to extend Polish passport. I'm retired now and I live in California.
23 Apr 2017 #5
Anna you need to get a confirmation of Polish citizenship, which involves proving that you are a Polish citizen by descent. It's a very long and annoying process

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