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Would you live in California, USA?

Dirk diggler 10 | 4,572
24 Apr 2018 #61
California namely San Fran silicon valley parts of la are waaay more expensive than nyc. Nyc is pricey dont get me wrong but mainly Manhattan and certain boroughs. If you want a studio/small 1 bedroom on wall itll cost you 600 700k.

But yes out of the large den states namely California illinois I guess ny also people are leaving. And it's not just wealthy or upper middle class theres a ton of middle and working poor moving as well.
TheOther 6 | 3,673
24 Apr 2018 #62
Yup, the Silicon Valley certainly IS expensive, no doubt about it. Lower income folks like baristas for example are forced to share an apartment these days because they cannot afford the rent on their own anymore, and they only return home to their families in the Central Valley on weekends. Read an article about them the other day. Unfortunately, this development repeats itself in every place in the country that offers well paying jobs and a nice scenery. Denver or Seattle are good examples. People are like locusts - destroying one great place after the other. Texas, Arizona and Florida next.
Slavictor 6 | 193
25 Apr 2018 #63
Has always been this way.

Correct, minus the enormity, cost and invasiveness of the bureaucracy. Boom, bust and echo is part in parcel with supply and demand.

I wonder if the beach boys wrote a song now how the lyrics would be somewhat changed.

  • Thanks Diversity! Appreciate it.

Dirk diggler 10 | 4,572
25 Apr 2018 #64
I dont mind latinos. I grew up around them from a young age and still work with them mainly subbing out jobs. Atleast they work and contribute to the society. Latinos twice as hard for half the money that a white or black american will and they won't ***** about it. Theyll be happy they even have a job. Go to anywhere in us where theres a big agriculture business and you'll see a white farmer but all his workers are Mexican esp in dairy. I think it's so bogus that ice runs up in some upholstery shop or landscaping office or dairy farm and arrests all the illegals. These people are working not hanging around living off benefits like half the freakin south and west side of chicago. While I dont believe that illegals should have more rights than citizens personally im against trumps ice raids. Idk what his beef is with Mexicans. Maybe Melania ****** their pool boy or gardener idk.

Those people are just instigators. White people wont be replaced altogether. We're already a minority in terms of world population so if someone is promoting minority rights technically those should be for white people. Unfortunately our numbers will decline in the us due to all the mud sharks and liberals but atleast slavs can rest assured our homeland will be intact and we will not face white genocide there.
TheOther 6 | 3,673
25 Apr 2018 #65

That Latinos and Hispanics will become the majority in many states is old news. Look at the statistics.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,572
25 Apr 2018 #66
In California theyve already been a majority for atleast a year or two. In us they will.outnumber whites by 2044 if not earlier.

Personally im for it. More latinos means more labor and hence more money for me. It's nearly impossible to find an american black or even polish person that does the quality at the prices latinos charge. Honestly america needs them. What other guy is going to go milk cows or hang drywall for like $100 a day most without benefits?
Slavictor 6 | 193
6 May 2018 #67
Just north of California, in a state not too far away:

"Slowly but surely, Seattle has become an angry place. "
Alex885 1 | 7
8 May 2018 #68
Well, as a French, I never been to California, but from what I have heard conversing with other Americans online, it doesn't strike me as the most desirable place in the U.S. these days.
Joker 2 | 2,240
23 May 2018 #69
Now the land of fruit and nuts wants to give free healthcare to Illegals. Open up your wallet TheOther, guess who's going to be paying even more now?

It is a utopia for Illegals
TheOther 6 | 3,673
23 May 2018 #70
Open up your wallet

It's a nothingburger. That idiot Ricardo Lara tried to pull that stunt in 2014 already and failed. It would have to go through the finance committee anyways before anything happens.

In other news:
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,572
23 May 2018 #71
it doesn't strike me as the most desirable place in the U.S. these days.

Its probably the least desirable place to live in the U.S.The coast, the redwood forests, the valleys, vineyards, etc are absolutely beautiful. But the insane cost of living, taxes, hordes of homeless people, poop and syringes all over the street, high crime, crazy traffic, pollution, etc. ruin it. It's a great place to visit if you like nature, terrible to live in though - especially LA and San Fran.

But if you're an illegal immigrant than its not so bad apparently...

free healthcare to Illegals

Maybe if it was limited to just sterilization it wouldn't be such a big deal... That should be the punishment for illegally entering a country - either you leave, or if you want to stay you can but you must be sterilized so you can't pop out 6 kids just so you can claim a bunch of benefits meant for CITIZENS and not illegals and their half dozen anchor babies.

Medical price controls

Already has a de facto existence with Obamacare... Great even more time and money that doctors and hospitals spend on admin work instead of treating patients. You know the vast majority of doctors HATE Obamacare because they went from 80% clinical 20% admin work to about half and half.
TheOther 6 | 3,673
23 May 2018 #72
Its probably the least desirable place to live in the U.S.


Some of your posts are totally outlandish.
johnny reb 50 | 7,192
23 May 2018 #73
He does have to much 'common sense' sometimes and not being Politically Correct I can understand why you think that as a Progressive.
TheOther 6 | 3,673
23 May 2018 #74
too much common sense

Proposing to sterilize people as punishment is certainly not what I would call "too much common sense". Are you really American, Johnny?
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,572
23 May 2018 #75
There supposed to be outlandish. Extreme times call for extreme measures. Seeing as how most of the migrants are young able bodied men both in Europe and the US the threat of getting their pecker cut off may just scare them enough not to enter illegally and follow the immigration laws like we did when we came.
10iwonka10 - | 394
23 May 2018 #76

'sterilize people'

It sound harsh and drastic and never will happen but....for some people (irrelevant legal/illegal emigrants, locals) it is their choice of life. Have lots children and live on benefits.
TheOther 6 | 3,673
23 May 2018 #77
Extreme times call for extreme measures.

I hope you're trolling, Adrian.

it is their choice of life. Have lots children and live on benefits.

Do you really believe it's only the Latinos and Hispanics who have lots of kids? We have plenty of religious nutters over here who reproduce like there's no tomorrow. Regarding welfare: undocumented immigrants cannot access most services, and laws usually restrict immigrants from public benefits during their first five years as a so-called "qualified alien".
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,572
23 May 2018 #78
I hope you're trolling, Adrian.

Duh..... But still, something must be done to control illegals from entering and rewarding their behavior with taxpayers money. Also, generational laziness and refusal to work shouldn't be rewarded either. If you cut off all the food stamps, the section 8, made disability for people that are actually disabled, etc you'd 2-3-4 days all the welfare leeches would start getting hungry and they'd be fighting for minimum wage jobs at mcdonalds and gas stations.

Do you really believe it's only the Latinos and Hispanics who have lots of kids?

Of course not. Muslims tend to have the most, followed by Africans and then Latinos. Latinos have finally learned that when the costs of raising a bunch of kids exceed your income, you will always be in poverty. Latinos do not claim nearly as many benefits as Muslims and blacks - it could be their legal status, or a pride thing because they're generally very hard working, but for them having more kids than they can afford doesn't pay. However, for Muslims and blacks having a bunch of kids and having taxpayers pay for them, whether in US or Europe, is a wife of life and a guarantee that all their needs and now even wants will be met. It is ridiculous that taxpayers should have to pay for welfare leeches' cell phones and their gas bills - which they always keep on max because they're not paying for it. Walk into a section 8 house or apartment in the winter and itll be a hundred degrees in there. Meanwhile, other people are paying $300, $500 a month gas bills because so many welfare leeches are getting their utilities for free.
10iwonka10 - | 394
23 May 2018 #79
Do you really believe it's only the Latinos and Hispanic

I did not say it I said 'some people do it on purpose' and I think that only cutting benefits to max 2-3 children could resolve it. Unfortunately Europe is much more generous with tax payers money than USA.
TheOther 6 | 3,673
23 May 2018 #80
welfare leeches

That's all too black and white. You can't survive on minimum wage, as many of our working poor find out every day. Try to find a decent job when you're over 50. Who hires you when you are handicapped, have a history of drug abuse, or several felonies on your rap sheet? Just a few examples. There are widespread social problems in our country, and the real welfare leeches are the smallest of them.

Muslims tend to have the most, followed by Africans and then Latinos.

Try Mormons...
10iwonka10 - | 394
23 May 2018 #81
How many Mormons do live in USA...?
TheOther 6 | 3,673
23 May 2018 #82
Some claim these are inaccurate to hide their real number. Mormons have more kids than any other religious group in the United States.
Miloslaw 20 | 4,801
23 May 2018 #83
I wouldn't even live in The USA,let alone California!
10iwonka10 - | 394
23 May 2018 #84
Officially: mormonnewsroom

so it is about 2 % - It is not much really.Mainly in Utah ? I watched once programme about Mormons in America. Family - one man few women lots kids. They bought some metal containers for children to sleep in. Mad.
TheOther 6 | 3,673
23 May 2018 #85
so it is about 2 % - It is not much really.Mainly in Utah ?

Most of them are in Utah, Idaho and Oregon. Roughly 7 million are quite a few for a Christian cult, if you ask me. Far too many religious nutters here for my personal taste (not only Mormons), but as long as they stay out of my life I'm fine.

I wouldn't even live in The USA,let alone California!

They wouldn't let you anyway. :)
Miloslaw 20 | 4,801
24 May 2018 #86
Thank God for that :-)
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,572
24 May 2018 #87
You can't survive on minimum wage, as many of our working poor find out every day.

Minimum wage no, a low wage yes. If I managed to pay my rent, gas, bills, and a good chunk of my college tuition by waiting tables and delivering pizzas so can any able bodied person.

And actually most the minimum wage people here are Hispanics - not whites or blacks. I have infinitely more respect for them than the lazy ass welfare leeches who make the entire south and west side of my city (mostly blacks) because unlike them, the Hispanics - usually Mexicans are at least working and contributing to the society. Yes, when they first get here the men often work in landscaping, construction, etc. while the women work in fast food restaurants (mainly for the health insurance for the family), home health care, etc. They work hard and 10-20 years later they're now shopping for half million dollar homes in the suburbs and luxury SUVs. I see it all the time...

Try Mormons...

Mormons are a TINY group of Caucasian Christians... Mormons aged 40-59 have an average of 3.4 children in their lifetime, Mormon adults have an average of 1.1 kids living at home - double the US average. Compare this to Muslims who have 3.1 kids per woman globally -only .3 les . - the difference is Mormons are a small group while theres billions of muslims worldwide... also the average Mormons tend to be far wealthier than the average Muslims...

The average Mormon family is wealthier than even the average US Jewish family. So if they want to have 10 kids - God bless 'em. Unlike the Muslims and Africans, the Mormons aren't on welfare living off taxpayers' money in US and Europe...

Who hires you when you are handicapped, have a history of drug abuse, or several felonies on your rap sheet? Just a few examples.

How is that my problem? If you were in jail a bunch of times or have a heroin or meth habit that you can't kick, that's your own damn fault - not societies, and you should be responsible for helping yourself.

And actually, there's quite a famous case where a 30 year old man, with felonies, drug addition, face tattoos and all, made a video complaining how he couldn't get a job that went viral. Well, he got 45 job offers - and REJECTED THEM ALL. Why? Because he prefers to be on disability and sell drugs or rob people to make some extra cash.

.... and I pay tens of thousands of dollars every year to support the tens of millions of losers like him who should be FORCED to work digging ditches or whatever instead of sitting at home while the rest of America's taxpayers feed and shelter them
TheOther 6 | 3,673
24 May 2018 #88
Mormons are a TINY group

There are almost 7 million of them in the US alone. I wouldn't call that "tiny". On top of that, the church is quite powerful in both Utah and Idaho. Try to get around the LDS there and we will see how far you make it.

How is that my problem?

See, and there's the main difference between Libertarians/ Republicans and Democrats. The former call themselves "Christians" and claim to have "family values", but give a rat's ass about their fellow Americans, while the latter care about the less fortunate in our country. I go with the second choice, and I'm not even a Democrat. The dog eat dog society you guys promote is absolutely toxic.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,572
24 May 2018 #89
7 million compared to a us population of over 330 million and a world population with over 1 billion muslims... yes a tiny group... and mormons are wealthy and contribute, welfare leeches of whom very few are Mormon do not...

Family values means just that - valuing your family. If some dude cant get a job because he can't give up drugs or alcohol thats his problem no one else's. In fact, even addiction specialists tell families not to give such people money or even let them stay at their home and bail them out nonstop because it only feeds their cycle. And having a rap sheet does not automatically prevent you from getting a job. Obviously if you were convicted of fraud youre not going to be a mortgage broker or work at a bank. Nonetheless there are plenty of other jobs you can get. One of our best workers was a guy who served 20 years for murdering a rival gang members. There's tens of millions of Americans with atleast 1 misdemeanor on their record and it doesn't prevent them from being gainfully employed. And you can always start your own business. It all comes down to ambition, hard work, perseverance and seeing things through which sadly is severely lacking in this countru

And you really think democrats give a sh1t about people? Boy are you naive... look at all the money hillary took from aid meant for haiti earthquake victims, the enormous contributions and speaking fees members of both parties take, bribes from lobbyists... They only claim to care when in reality they just lick their finger and see which way the wind is blowing and go with it. How many times did hillary let alone the dems as a wbole flip.flop on gay marraige, abortion, immigration, security, military spending, wars and still just go with whatevers popular. It's all bullshit, short of the mother Theresas of the world which number very very few people are inherently greedy and selfish - especially in the US and especially the younger me me me generations.

Even their whole DACA complaints were a big charade. They were crying about some Latino kids to get political points then when it didn't pass but they got other things they never brought it up again. And even now theyre not crying about daca anymore...

Here's just one example on how much democrats care, or don't care, about illegal immigrants depending on whats popular and convenient

Democrats on immigration

Chucky is the worst after hillary
Sylvio 19 | 155
25 May 2018 #90
Been there done it. All California water is treated with bromide which no matter what you, with time gives everyone a big lardy bottom.

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