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Looking for Polish Language teacher in Dallas?

ZaneStachowski 1 | 1
8 Jul 2012 #1
I currently live in Dallas Texas. (well just outside but that is beside the point.) My Great-Grandmother (Rose Adamczyk) moved to Buffalo NY when she was a small girl. Unfortunatley when she was old enough to have kids she decided against teaching them Polish because she felt that it would isolate her kids in school. Anyhow, so inside my family the language is basically dead and I decided that I would take up Polish on my own and get back in touch with our Polish roots a little more. I digress, the point of this post is to find out if anyone knows any classes/teachers in Dallas that can teach Polish. I have Rosetta Stone but it doesn't always answer my questions. If anyone knows of a teacher in Dallas (or surrounding areas) can you point me in the right direction?
23 Jul 2012 #2
Hi, I read your post and here is my reply: I live in Vancouver, Canada and am a native of Poland. I finished my undergrad studies in Warsaw and decided to continue my education in Canada. I am available to converse/instruct over Skype or any other video/voice platform. Best regards,

Marcin Grund
604 946-2778
LMAKisielewscy - | 1
11 Dec 2012 #3
Hi, If you are still interested in Polish lessons please contact with me. I, my wife and son have moved to Dallas, Tx from PL on October this year. We are Polish native speakers ready to help!
kweiss - | 1
3 Sep 2013 #4
LMAKisielewscy-----I work with a court reporting firm in Dallas and we are in need of a Polish interpreter, would you be able to help us out?---Please contact me at
23 Mar 2015 #5
Merged: Polish Language Tutor Wanted!!

Hello! I am looking for a tutor to help me and possibly my 4 small children learn Polish. We are located in Dallas, TX. I would like to be able to meet with someone in person if possible. Any help is appreciated!!
jess1234 - | 2
16 Oct 2015 #6

Are you stillin dallas? please email me if you are available for interpreting.

Thank you

10 Nov 2015 #7
[Moved from]: Looking for Polish friends in Dallas


Nie jestem Polakiem ale mieszkalem w Polsce kilka lat. I'm looking for Polish pals to practice Polish with, and generally hangout with. I lived in Poland for a while in Trojmiasto and Warsaw. I worked in Polish entertainment for awhile as well as teaching there. Would love to meet some people here that can connect me to the Polish communities that I've heard exist. I live in the McKinney area. I am not originally from Texas. I was born in Iowa and have lived in Chicago, NYC and Wilmington, NC as well. I've decided to look into putting roots here in the DFW.

I speak Polish and can teach. I'm an American that has lived in Poland most of the past 16 years. I live in the McKinney area.
20 Nov 2016 #8
Have you ever considered learning Polish online?

I am a professional language teacher and I teach through interactive, guided conversation sessions. You get the freedom to learn Polish at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home! :) Watch this video to learn more about my teaching methods and approach to language learning.

Lesson demonstration: :)

Feel free to contact me and ask for a free trial lesson! :)

Helen1216 - | 1
18 Feb 2018 #9
We are looking for a Polish tutor for our 2 children, 10 and 11. Someone locate in the Prosper/McKinney/Frisco area. There is a possibility we will be moving to Warsaw in 6-9 months and would not like to pay over 21+k to put them in American school.


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