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Polish language classes in Baltimore area??

4 Sep 2012 #1

I recently moved to Maryland from Oklahoma for school and was sure I could find some Polish language classes but I'm having trouble. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction? It was the first language I learned when I was a child but my father died and my mother remarried an American so she sort of stopped speaking Polish to us. I miss it terribly and feel embarrassed that I can't talk to my family in Wroclaw when I visit. I can understand it better then speak it. If someone could please help I'd be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

1 Nov 2014 #2
One possibility:

Polska Szkoła im. Kardynała A. Hlonda w parafii Matki Bożej Różańcowej - Polish Language School in Baltimore MD (408 South Chester Street)

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