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St. John Cantius Parish a Polish Parish in Detroit has been closed.

17 Apr 2010 #1
St. John Cantius Parish of Delray (Detroit) Michigan had closed its doors, this was one of the most beautiful churches in the world. I just wonder where the Beautifull altars went to, and the beautiful statues and Stations of the Cross and all the relics of this church went too. I understand that the Main Altar was going back to Poland, and the Statues went to Parished in the Detroit and Metro Areas. I'm not sure. If anyone knows the whereabouts of any of this Sacred parts of my old parish, please let me know. Thankyou, I am told that the Crucifix from the main altar, went to St. Charles Borremo of Newport, Michigan, but the rest I'm not sure. My email is Thank you
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31 Jan 2015 #2
Closing churches is now a serious problem in the US. As the most common reason for such decision are given financial problems and lack of parish priests.

It is known that Detroit looks like a ghost city in some areas, but couple of Polish Churches and Parishes still survived (yet). Here's a list containing other (apart from the St. John Cantius) known Polish parishes and churches in Detroit

St. Wojciech/St. Albertus Roman Catholic Church
At the beginning it is worth to mention the oldest Polish church in Detroit, built in 1885 by Polish immigrants (mostly Polish Kashubians) - it lasted till 1989/90 so is now inactive.

St. Hyacinth's Roman Catholic Parish
The parish was founded in 1907. It is a multi-ethnic parish situated in the eastern part of Detroit - in Polish neighborhood - Poletown. Currently run by Reverend Janusz Iwan. Polish masses are celebrated at Saturdays 4PM, and at Holidays 11:00AM.

Saints Peter and Paul Church, Westside
The another multi-ethnic parish was founded in 1923, the masses are celebrated in both English and Polish language. Rev. Jaroslaw Pilus

St. Cunegunda Catholic Church
This church was built in 1951, it is considered as a Polish ethnic parish. Rev. Zbigniew Grankowski is the current pastor. South region of Detroit.

Transfiguration - Our Lady Help of Heaven Catholic Church
The multi-ethnic parish located in the northern part of Detroit, founded in 1929, at the present Rev. Andrew Wesley is the pastor there.

St. Louis the King Roman Catholic Church
This church was opened in 1959, however as a parish was founded in 1923. Unfortunately the last Holy Mass there will be celebrated on August 31, 2015. Detroit diocese authorities decided to close the parish due to debt and declining attendance at the Masses.

St. Ladislaus Roman Catholic Church (Hamtramck)
Founded in 1921, this place will share the fate of the St. Louis church and will also be closed. The closing date has not yet been given, but this is to be expected very soon.

When the Detroit's Archdiocese begun closing and merging parishes, Transfiguration and St. Ladislaus parish was combined with St. Louis to form the current Blessed John Paul II Parish in Detroit.

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