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Can anyone help me learn Polish in Montreal?

claireledu 1 | 1
30 Aug 2007 #1

I am desperately trying to learn polish as i am getting married to a polish guy and i cant communicate with his needed !

smooth_jazz 7 | 71
30 Aug 2007 #2
You can always look into taking some online classes, or you can buy some software, I have rosetta stone but I haven't started using it yet but from what I hear it's a good starting point.
OP claireledu 1 | 1
31 Aug 2007 #3
I really need to speak with a polish person face to face...i need to be corrected when i make a mistake etc
i ve heard about rosetta stone,..i am going to check this now

Jurek 1 | 1
7 Sep 2007 #4
I would be up for helping you learn you speak French? I am looking for someone to help me learn French...e-mail me at kochampiwo@hotmail and let me know!
Eddy 1 | 4
9 Sep 2007 #5
Can anyone help me. I'm a total beginner. Please message/email me your rates.
basiakb - | 1
24 Sep 2007 #6
Hi Claire,
I can help,
25 Nov 2007 #7
HI i would be up for sharing a french-polish lesson.
let me know any time at kea_15@hotmail
22 Aug 2008 #8
You have probably learned Polish since you have posted this letter.
However, I am ready to improve your Polish, if you still want to study it.
I am Polish immigrant and I have studied
mathematics and linguistics.
You can reach me at the mail adress: krystyna
15 Jan 2009 #9

I'm from a polish decent and I would really like to learn polish.
Sharing french-polish lesson would be perfect for me.
You can reach me at
28 Apr 2009 #10
I can help you guys with your Polish :D
(would be nice to practice my French at the same time)
I am in Montreal until late July - linka55(at)
see you soon?
7 Jul 2009 #11
Try emailing here: McGill Polish Students' Association courses for adults

good luck!
Lyastra - | 1
14 Sep 2009 #12
Hey I'd like to take Polish lessons! I can't make the lesson time at the McGill Polish Students' Association, unfortunately. Any one else out there able to help?
25 Nov 2009 #13
I can help you if you're still interested :) , it would be easier if you had skype :)
9 Jan 2010 #14
I am in need of a Polish course for beginners here in montreal or a tutor to help me. Does anyone know where I could go to find one or the other?

Write me at tony_schaapman@yahoo
Thank you
9 Mar 2010 #15

I can help you to learn Polish if you are still interested.
I am Polish and i'm in Montreal under the Youth Mobility Program until September.
Let me know at


Sorry, I made a mistake in my previous post - my email address is joanna.rozanska@yahoo
19 Sep 2010 #16
Hello, I'm looking for Polish courses or tutoring in Montreal - I realize that many of these messages are from last year, so if anyone is interesting in helping me learn please send me an email! Thank you!

20 Sep 2010 #17
Hello, I'm looking for Polish courses or tutoring in Montreal

Have you tried College Platon?
4 Feb 2011 #18
I'm looking for someone who can come to my house to teach my two young boys, ages 5 and 7, Polish. They are fluent in English and French but only know a few words or phrases in Polish and even though I speak it fluently, I'm having a hard time. I'd prefer someone who has had experience teaching children. I would also like to find out more information about Polish schools and or other Polish children's groups that my kids could benefit from, in Montreal. Where can I find out more?
13 Jun 2011 #19
Polish schools in Montreal:
lemonrob - | 2
1 Mar 2013 #20
I know some translator in Toronto. but i am not sure do they have other members in Montral or not.
sylwiaewa55 - | 2
26 Jan 2017 #21
I'm also looking for somebody who could learn my daughter Polish language. She is four-year-old. If you are a mother, you can bring your children with you and she can learn by playing with them.

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