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Greenpoint is still Polish? Nightclubs and bars for Poles.

PennBoy 76 | 2,436
1 Nov 2010 #1,_Brooklyn

We don't know everything about Greenpoint; we are not even sure how many Polish people live there. While Polish institutions have not collected solid data, U.S. statistics indicate that five years ago there were 17,000 Poles in Greenpoint, including those members of the community born in the United States. That's fewer people than we may have thought, but still a sizeable group, especially since they constitute over 43 percent of the population in the neighborhood.
jT81 - | 5
1 Nov 2010 #2
Yes, Greenpoint is largely Polish, most of which are from Poland (read: not Polish-American).

This is evidenced by broken Tyskie bottles that outline the streets and the sklep sklep skleps...
Havok 10 | 912
1 Nov 2010 #3
Now don't get me wrong,,, It's cool that we had/have a "little poland" here in the US but greenpoint is/was a Sh1thole, full of exploitation and filth. it's about time people smartened up and moved on,

no self-respecting person would want to live there
OP PennBoy 76 | 2,436
1 Nov 2010 #4
I wouldn't say that, compared to some other neighborhoods in Brooklyn it doesn't look too bad, if they wanna build affordable housing go ahead, but do it for the current residents.
Havok 10 | 912
1 Nov 2010 #5
yup, you're right, go ahead and live there it's a free country
bxchick91 1 | 8
8 Apr 2011 #6
Anyone know the names of any good clubs in greenpoint brooklyn or nj?Thanks =)
FlaglessPole 4 | 669
8 Apr 2011 #7
Damn in Green Point?! I may become unpopular here but Green Point is such a depressing sh!thole or at least it was when I paid it a brief visit, made even briefer the moment I 'touch-downed' there lol you could say I bounced back.
aphrodisiac 11 | 2,441
8 Apr 2011 #8
I may become unpopular here but Green Point is such a depressing sh!thole

well, that is where the Polish men are.
bxchick91 1 | 8
10 Apr 2011 #9
wow really greenpoint is a depressing place?haha i thought that it was not boring there lol and yeaa
bxchick91 1 | 8
23 Apr 2011 #10
[Moved from]:

Club Europa in GreenPoint - opinions?

So i have heard about this club in greenpoint called club europa but some people have told me it is not a very good club?Is this true?
OP PennBoy 76 | 2,436
23 Apr 2011 #11
I've been there like 10 times it is a good club on the first floor there's a bar with a pool table on the second there a dance floor with a bar and a VIP room, it's pretty good. The other Polish Club EXIT is more for the younger crowd, alot of barely 21 year olds ;)
Nathan 18 | 1,363
23 Apr 2011 #12

I was there. It was fun. Great times...
bxchick91 1 | 8
24 Apr 2011 #13
Ooo ok cool thanks for the advice =)
Jayden - | 2
24 Apr 2011 #14
Could anybody tell me the price for entry this club, thanks
7 Apr 2012 #15
Can anybody direct me to where the sexy older Polish women hang out, especialy the over 40s? I'm an older guy who is very attracted to the sexy Polish older women.
OP PennBoy 76 | 2,436
5 Jul 2012 #16
A video about how New York's Greenpoint, a traditionally Polish neighborhood, is seeing a change in it's demographics because of increased ethnic diversity and Poles returning to their homeland.

pawian 190 | 19,160
17 Jul 2012 #17
They started leaving after I had left.....
PolishTVCompany - | 14
4 Feb 2013 #18
There is still plenty of Polish people in Greenpoint. That area changed a lot, still lots of Polish business but now a lot of new places opened up. Great cafes, bakeries, fresh food, European cosmetics and products, a couple of good hair salons. It is clean and it is EXPENSIVE. I worked in real estate for two years and many people (American speaking ones) is looking to rent there. Apts have crazy prices. Also, there is a lot of new modern bldgs. Streets are small, apts are pretty small too, not my style but it has its beauty.

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