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Any good websites to order and deliver Polish food to Canada, BC?

29 Dec 2014 #1
Where I live we have no Polish deli's or food stores in our area and it is very disappointing. I really miss the taste of amazing Polish food. I was wondering if anyone knew of any websites or anywhere I can order Polish food to my door. I know there are lots of places in the US but I can't seem to find much for Canada. If anyone has any information about this, it would make me so happy.
Monika_Majewska - | 3
2 Jan 2015 #2
Hi Monia,

My name is Monika too :) and I love polish food. I was born in Warsaw and I can help you to find some good polish food :) What kind of food are you looking ?

I can send you some photos with my favourite polish food and find its in the shops :)
2 Jan 2015 #3
Can you send to AZ? Even Polish sausages the customs man always stop?

Sorry, I mean Arizona :-)
jamesrode - | 2
16 Jan 2015 #5
There are many places in the USA where you can get the lot more polish food you want.They also have there outlets in canada .You can go for them,search for those on internet and order what you like there,the food which you like will be straight at your home or wherever you are living now.You can visit here and can grab the more details about this.

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