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Fly from Canada on Polish Passport for longer than 5 month stay?

24 Feb 2014 #1
I'm currently in Poland. I have both a Canadian and Polish(euro) passport. I have been in Poland for the past 7 months and reached my limit and have to go back to Canada or else I lose my healthcare benefits etc. I am just wondering if I can just go back to Canada for a month or 2, then by a ticket and fly back to Poland on my Polish euro passport. The only problem I can see is that when I come back to Canada after a year there will be no stamp on my Canadian passport that I ever left cause the Canadian personnel on the airport to ask questions etc. Btw I haven't made plans but the reason I want to come to Poland is to eventually study. Not yet but within a year after I do my matura tests etc.
Klo 1 | 21
26 Feb 2014 #2
A few years ago my son flew back to Canada for the summer. He also holds both passports. The Canadian Embassy advised that he leave Poland on his Polish and enter Canada on his Canadian. This is because as a Canadian his 3-month visitors time would have expired therefore making him illegal in Poland. The same applied for the return trip.

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