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Where can i find Spirytus Rektyfikowany in the USA?

bimber94 7 | 254
17 Dec 2009 #61
NicO: I was raised on Spirytus

. What did you have for breakfast, lard?
vodkaplayer123 - | 1
30 Jul 2010 #62
If you live near the Lake/Mchenry county border in Illinois, USA, there is a corner liquior store called Lakemoor Liquor on corner of rt 120 and 47, it sells that exact brand its 96 proof vodka for $16.99.
Olaf 6 | 956
19 Aug 2010 #63
Go to an off-licence store - monopolowy. It is available.
polkamaniac 1 | 482
20 Aug 2010 #64
I have 6 bottles from when it was still available in Poland and I was able to bring them back.They are pół-litrówki and from one bottle I can make a full litre of regular vodka.
16 Sep 2010 #65
It can be taken strait, but it has no enjoyable features this way and is a stupid way to kill yourself. I was 16 the first time I drank 190 proof vodka and from then on nothing could ever touch that kick. It will make it hard to breath for several minutes, your mouth-esophagus-stomach burns, and your body considers it a poison so you fight with the vomit reflex.

You don't have to find the exact brand for the recipe to be a success. At 95% alcohol there is no difference between brands, except for the label and bottle design; it is pure ethanol and water.
polkamaniac 1 | 482
16 Sep 2010 #66
If you dilute it----you will make two bottles 45% alcohol out of one,then you can enjoy a nice drink or cocktail mix.

f stop 25 | 2,513
1 May 2011 #68
distilled ethanol... and a conversation perks up. ;)
What's amazing to me is that nobody is questioning grinding up amber, which is what... tree resin fossilizing since stone age? And that's a cure for what? Have you tried grinding up elephant tusks?
30 Dec 2011 #69
Gruffi_Gummi - | 106
30 Dec 2011 #70
1. Buy a bottle of vodka and a bag of dry ice.
2. Pour vodka in some plastic or metal container, to make the process safer.
3. Adding isopropyl alcohol (any pharmacy) to dry ice in a plastic bowl makes a nice freezing bath. Use it to freeze the container with your vodka. Water from vodka will form ice, and the remaining liquid will be concentrated ethanol. Pour it out an enjoy. This is the Gummi way. ;-)

A warning: some plastics may become brittle in such low temperatures.
1 Sep 2012 #71
It can be found in ny and no. I buy it all the time when I visit family.its sold in boonton no a place called the wine outlet.check out their website.cant but it in Pa,va or md. You can buy everclear which is also grain alchohol buts it's not the same in my book.
25 Jan 2013 #72
anyone know if I can fine it in Cleveland, OH?
11 Jun 2014 #73
Deer Point Liquor 14921 deer Ridge Dr, SE Calgary, AB Canada $42.10 750ml
4 Nov 2016 #74
Ja potrzebuję spirytus na favorki i pączki i na swięta moja mama robila advokata. Mieszkam na Florydzie i nigdzie nie mogę znaleźć. Prosze rodaków o pomoc, czy może ktoś wie gdzie moge kupić na zachodniej stronie Florydy? Prosze.


Only English please!
Atch 17 | 3,415
4 Nov 2016 #75
Hi Grazyna, you might be able to get pure alcohol in a pharmacy but only in small quantities I believe.

You might be able to purchase it over the internet. This company ships all over the US:
23 Nov 2016 #76
I found it in a store by Niagara Falls... the American side...
SmileyJack - | 1
24 Jan 2018 #77
I know this is years late but figure I'll put it here in case anyone new is looking. I found Spirytus Rektyfikowany at at $16.99/750ml and they do mail order. I mix it with the flavored vodkas that run about 40-45% gives me a 68-70% Vodka with a good flavor.

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