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Where can i find Spirytus Rektyfikowany in the USA?

9 Mar 2007 #31
Mix Spiritus with Sprite or 7up put it in glass bottle in 50/50 proporcion and than put to fridge for 3-4 hour. than drink

OR mix with juse from blackcurrant 40/60 sp/ju put for 2 hour to be cold and than drink

i had some more recip but it's to havy to translate for me
sledz 23 | 2,250
9 Mar 2007 #32
i had some more recip but it's to havy to translate for me

write it in Polish........
I`d like to try something different....:)
10 Mar 2007 #33
Just got onto this site so Czesc to everyone. I was born in Poland and have a very strong Polish upbringing so I know about all this fun stuff. Me and my dad brought some back on our last trip and he showed me a way to drink it straight up. You have to inhale before you do the shot and whistle when you're done. I know it sounds weird but it stops it from burning and won't take you're breath away :)
sledz 23 | 2,250
14 Apr 2007 #34
I`m ready to crack it open.... maybe some cranberry and O.J.

Art I have a shot for ya
ArturSzastak 3 | 593
15 Apr 2007 #35
Art I have a shot for ya

Take ten, spin around real fast, and do a crazy voodoo chant :)
sledz 23 | 2,250
15 Apr 2007 #36
I need something to clear out my sinusis (sp)
ArturSzastak 3 | 593
15 Apr 2007 #37
hot sauce.....bottles and bottles of hot sauce :)
31 May 2007 #38
There are tons of places on Chigago's south side and sw burbs that sell the stuff.
We combine it with carmelized sugar and boiled water.
Chill it and you got a party!
Diluted to about 40% of course!

Check it out :
14 Jun 2007 #39
Hello all. I was raised on Spirytus. I'm a part of the first U.S. born generation from Poland. My grand-uncle had the recipe and made it for every family occasion. My parents even used it to rub on our gums when we were babies while we were teething. I've never had a problem drinking it straight. My uncles thinks it's hilarious that I'm the only girl in the family that can keep up with them. =-) It is very strong. Just be careful as to not go anywhere after you've started drinking it. Gatherings at home are your best, and safest, bet.

Take care all and happy drinking. =-)
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,163
14 Jun 2007 #40
I was raised on Spirytus.

22 Jun 2007 #41
does anyone know where to fond some in the pacific northwest
sledz 23 | 2,250
22 Jun 2007 #42
Well theres plenty of it in Chicago thats for sure

does anyone know where to fond some in the pacific northwest

Where in the PW are you??

I`m going to Oregon after Independence day

I could probably smuggle a bottle, they make em in 2 liter plastic bottles now

Why would you put youre liver through
23 Jun 2007 #43
Where in the PW are you??

sledz 23 | 2,250
24 Jun 2007 #44
I go to Myrtle creek, OR 50 miles NW of Medford along the Umqua river

Havent made it to Seattle yet
25 Jun 2007 #45
well if you know of any Polish stores in or near seattle where i can buy some that's fine too
26 Jun 2007 #46
some of you guys are making it sound like friggin petrol.. like nicO said you can drink it straight no worries. Just make sure u eat at least 2 or 3 hours before. I polished off a flask the other day within half an hour, probably about 4 shots worth. Honestly wasnt that bad, gave me a buzz (plus i had couple beers afterwards) it wasnt like i was stubbling all over the joint throw up n ****. Its not like im a big buy either, im probably 6ft 70 kilo.

Just drink it straight it'll hit u hard and fast but it wont kill you. :)
7 Dec 2007 #47
They sell it all over connecticut. And the remedy about mixing it with amber is true, my aunt has been doing this for years....only she takes 2 drops at night instead of the morning. She is about 60 and still does not have a wrinkle on her face! I will be starting this remedy too, now that I can handle Spriytus!


Bridget W
5 Jan 2008 #48
There is a very large Wine and Spirits store in the Chicago land area called Binny's they sell it there, as well as everclear which I know a lot of people have trouble finding in Chicago. You can go to their website and find they locations, there at at least seven Chicagoland locations so if you live around Chicago you should not have a problem finding Spirytus, I just bought a bottle today and am trying it tonight.
6 Jan 2008 #49
It's definitely not petrol, goes down just a little harder than Tequila.
I disagree about it hitting fast too.
The most DANGEROUS thing about Spiritus is that it takes effect hard 10-20 minutes after drinking. Don't chase it with more alcohol till after the peak effects.

I pass it around parties and you can figure out who drank it just by seeing who disappears after 30 minutes. It's not that strong, but be smart, just like any potent drug...
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554
10 Jan 2008 #50
I pass it around parties and you can figure out who drank

No normal person in Poland will drink this stuff straight up. It's made for diluting and creating Nalewka (Liquor from fruit etc.)or Miodowka. The only people you will see drinking this are the drunkards.

You can probably find it in most loquor stores near a PL neighborhood.
18 Jan 2008 #51
yes, there is a liquor store buy my house in burbank, il it is called stadium liquors.
huge selection of polish imports including spirytus 192 proof strong!!!!
stadium liquors(708)499-3460 5641 w 79 st they speak polish to, very nice people will
order any request.
25 Mar 2008 #52
Quoting: King Sobieski
WHAT ABOUT A small shot or to sip it?

it's so strong that you have to mix it

try it but it'll make you puke, it is 96% alcohol :P

I am not so sure it will make everyone puke. We were drinking vodka with friends back in Poland, and we poured a shot of this "Spirytus Ratyfikowany" to one of the shot glasses just for fun. The guy who took that shot could not catch his breath initially, but after a few seconds he was fine. He didn't puke either - so if you choose to do it, don't be stupid about it and don't drink more than a shot (50 ml) at once.

Goonie 8 | 242
25 Mar 2008 #53
They sell them here in the local liquor stores :)
4 Apr 2008 #54
There's a store in Willowbrook that sells it off of Rt. 83/Kingery. C&B Liquors I think the place is called. I never realized that a lot of people had a hard time finding it ^_^

You can drink it straight, it just takes some practice and burns like a mo'fo. My little brother likes drinking it mixed with a huge jug of vault bought from a local gas station. He usually runs off into the trees somewhere to start fighting the zombies who are taking over people. Yup, its good stuff ^_^
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
20 Apr 2008 #55
In the USA its availability varies from state to state. Eg, in Illinois it is sold at your average off-licence, but in Michigan across the lake it is illegal.
Eurola 4 | 1,906
20 Apr 2008 #56
Most polish Delis in Chicago metro carry spirytus (about $11-12 for a 1/2 liter)
29 Apr 2008 #57
We purchased a bottle in March while we were vacationing near St. Padre Island, Tx
It was imported by Marsalle Co, Des Plaines, Il
jlamb2002 - | 1
29 Jan 2009 #58
i have a 750ml bottle of it. unopened and still sealed from 1998. i will sell it if your interested for 50.00. that includes shipping. jlamb2002@yahoo
Pawel74 - | 2
17 Dec 2009 #59
I dont know where you live, but I'm in Michigan, Detroit burbs, and we can get it but its always on back order at the local stores. but I found a place in NJ that you can buy online.

and its the "good stuff" 192 proof,, just remember this must be mixed 50/50 with syrup simply 1 bottle can make 2 ny?id=m3t9b6Ne
polkamaniac 1 | 482
17 Dec 2009 #60
In canada you can buy this stuff in a liquor store ONLY with a doctor's perscription. It's great as a rub for back pains and sore muscles.I am told that it works.Also dilute it 50% to make a pleasant drink and add some syrop to give it some flavour.

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