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How to get Drivers license in IL without social security?

MoOli 9 | 480
9 Aug 2012 #91
Yup driving without license and thus without insurance also reckless driving and who knows what else these 3 itself make you enough jail time and fines that lead to deportation and bared from us for 5 years.sorry I forgot to add public endangerment!
28 Aug 2012 #92
you are stereotyping people.
you hear immigrant you think Mexican, not Canadian, not Honduran, not Cuban.
you hear mexican you think immigrant, not intelligent, not fluent in more than one language.
it's sad.
sledz 23 | 2,248
28 Aug 2012 #93
This old thread is still here,,,Hahaha!

I seen 2 wetbacks getting busted yesterday in their broken down Jalopy,,,LOL

I hope they get deported!
texas 1 | 21
6 Sep 2012 #94
Beelzebub, just purely out of curiosity, if Jaime pays taxes and employs legal workers and runs his/her business according to all legal statutes, how, exactly, is he/she a burden on the system? A criminal? Technically, yes. But a burden?
tygrys 3 | 290
8 Sep 2012 #95
Beelzebub is right. This jamie is a total idiot. He sees America as "money" and to him that's all the matters, but there are more important issues like being here illegally. Unfortunately we have a moronic presidednt who supports illegals. Being here illegal is a crime. Just like in any other country. And this idiotic thinking that America is based on immigrants is just an excuse to stay here illegally. Who cares about this jamie's job opportunities. That doesn't make him legal and what right does he have to say that Americans are lazy when they receive subsities. Many countries have support for disabled, low income, seniors, etc. not just America. We need more deporting agents out there to kick the illegals out of the country, just like their country would kick illegal Americans out.
texas 1 | 21
15 Sep 2012 #96
Tygrys, I hear you. However, I wasn't referring to the illegal immigration status of Jamie, which is another discussion entirely (not minimizing it at all). However, if Jamie is CREATING JOBS for Americans, and in this creation of jobs he/she is perfectly legal and legitimate, how is Jamie a burden on the system? I am simply curious about Beelzebub's logic. Note, I am not condoning or condemning Jamie being here illegally. I am focusing purely on Jamie's business and job creation, divorced from his/her residency status.

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